• Nonda Mini Adapter – the perfect USB Type-C adapter?

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    Get connected with the Nonda Mini Adapter

    Nonda Mini Adapter USB Type-C Clove TechnologyThe technology world is all about change and innovation. This means that you can nearly always guarantee that sooner or later, a connection you have been happily using for years will become redundant.

    If you haven’t already noticed many laptops and other gadgets are getting a new connector in the form of USB Type-C. Over time this relatively new connector will completely replace standard USB connections.

    If you want to know more about USB Type-C, we have a post dedicated to all the improvements it offers. Why not take a look?

    Buy the Nonda Mini Adapter | £10

    In this time of transition, you need a reliable adapter which will enable you to connect all of your existing accessories. So you can enjoy your shiny new laptop, or smartphone without any problems.

    The Nonda Mini Adapter deals with this problem perfectly. It is compact, and unlike other similar adapters, it is made of a high-quality aluminium alloy.  This gives it the dual benefit of being both lightweight and strong. Plus at just £10, it’s an affordable addition to your tech collection.

    It also looks great thanks to its German design and is available in Silver, Gold and Grey.

    Reasons to buy the Nonda Mini Adapter

    • Designed in Germany
    • Converts USB-C sockets to USB-A
    • Made of high-quality aluminium alloy
    • Compact design

    Buy the Nonda Mini Adapter | £10


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