• Moto G5 has been announced and due mid March

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    Moto G5 – still the best budget Android smartphone?

    There have many announcements at the Mobile World Congress. With information being released for many key products we will see released in the coming months.

    Lenovo has been in on the act, giving us a tantalising look at the Moto G5.  For the past few years, we have seen regular updates to the Moto ‘G’ range which has continued to offer great value for money.  This year is not an exception, and we have seen a refinement in the design.

    The plastic is gone, being replaced with a high-grade aluminium finish.  Diamond-cut technology is used to make sure this is smooth and easy to hold.  Giving a refinement we have not seen before with this range.  This results in the product having a more premium feel.

    An all new fingerprint sensor also makes it easier to secure your phone without needing to constantly remember passwords.  Giving no reason for everyone not to secure their phone and not leaving it unlocked.

    Moto G5 SIM Free Coming SoonKey features of the Moto G5

    • Android 7 Nougat – access to the latest software and features from Google
    • Design – new high-grade aluminium finish
    • Fast 1.4GHz octa-core processor – great productivity and smooth interface
    • 5-inch Full HD IPS display – brings your photos videos to life
    • High-capacity 2800 mAh battery – giving you full day of usage
    • Rear 13MP Camera – with Phase Detection AutoFocus for fast sharp pictures
    • Front 5MP Camera – Wide angle lens, so you can capture the perfect selfie
    • Fingerprint reader – for inbuilt enhanced security

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    Moto G5 Official Video

    The promotional video gives a fun look at the key features of this product.


    As expected Android 7.0 (Nought) is the operating system of choice giving the Moto G5 access to the latest apps and features.  As always this is a clean version keeping extra software to a minimum.

    There are some useful additions.  The first of these is the ability to view notifications and updates using a quick preview display.  This enables you to-keep-up with everything which is happening without having to unlock your screen.

    The next are the Moto Actions, which offer access to commonly used features with a simple gesture. Examples include twisting your wrist to open the camera on the phone, to performing a chopping action twice to turn on the flash.  Thereby removing the need constantly press buttons on your screen to get to these features.


    The camera has been given a new trick, this is in the form of phase detection AutoFocus (PDAF).  This technology makes it quicker to take photos, enabling you to capture moments you would have before missed.   Besides this extra feature, the camera specification appears largely unchanged.


    Having a battery in your phone which will last a full day is now increasing becoming an ability that we all want our phone to have.  To make sure this is the case a high-capacity 2800 mAh battery is built-in.  A powerful 10W rapid charger is also provided.  This is able to charge the phone in a fraction of a time, which has been necessary with earlier models.  Giving you more time with the phone, and less spent charging.

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