• Samsung Galaxy A3 & A5 (2017) Neon Flip Cover

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    Samsung Galaxy Neon Flip Cover Retail PackagingTraditionally, Samsung have tried out new case ideas with each generation of phones. The Neon Flip Cover (A3 & A5) is an interesting addition to their usual array of accessories.

    Samsung were arguably the first to produce a ‘window’ case with the original S-View Cover for Galaxy S4. Others copied, but it required an AMOLED screen and Samsung’s software to work properly.

    Last year also saw the funky LED cover for Galaxy S7 range handsets. Although that idea may have borrowed from HTC’s equally retro dot matrix cases…

    Still, the point I’m trying to make is that Samsung have a fairly successful record in producing protective cases that still allow you to receive and interact with notifications.

    With the Neon Flip Cover, that comes from a pulsing orange glow on receipt of a message.

    Samsung Genuine Accessory Logo

    Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017 Edition) Neon Flip Cover

    Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017 Edition) Neon Flip Cover GoldSamsung are pushing the new A series as affordable mid-high end handsets. As such, they have released a number of high quality accessories, normally reserved for flagship devices.

    As a genuine Samsung accessory, you will of course be assured of an exact fit.

    The case will also work seamlessly with the phone’s software. When a notification is received, the edges of the case will pulse a warm, inviting neon orange.

    Galaxy A3 (2017) Neon Flip Wallet | £24.99

    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017 Edition) Neon Flip Cover

    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017 Edition) Neon Flip Cover PinkJust like the smaller A3 model, the A5 (2017) has a rage of cases available. In fact, it actually has a few more listed, including an S-View and Clear View case usually only seen on flagship Galaxy S phones.

    The inside of the Neon Flip Wallet is layered in a warm orange coating. When a call, message or other notification comes in, the phone’s LED will pulse.

    This white light is then reflected around the inside of the case, causing a neon orange glow to emanate.

    The Neon Flip Cover is available in Black, Gold, Pink and Blue to match the available phone colours.

    Galaxy A5 (2017) Neon Flip Wallet | £24.99


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