• Jolt: Turn your smartphone into a dashcam

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    Jolt LogoDash cams have been the big success story of consumer technology in the past couple of years. If you’re still on the fence about using one, Jolt offers an excellent alternative.

    Jolt is a simple app available for Android and iOS. Once installed, it uses your smartphone’s sensors to act like a fully-featured dash cam. On top of the camera, the GPS and accelerometer are accessed. A data connection is also used to obtain relevant information such as weather reports.

    How does Jolt work?

    Rather than taking up too much of your phone storage, Jolt records 2-minute looped video.

    If you are involved in an accident, the software saves the video of the incident. There is also a host of supporting data, including;

    • Audio files
    • Exact location (via GPS)
    • Alert emergency services
    • Impact speed
    • Post impact trajectory
    • Witness details
    • Weather Conditions
    • Street and plan view maps
    • Details of any injuries
    • Numbers of passengers

    Jolt can instantly recognise an impact if the phone’s sensors react accordingly. Alternatively, you can manually report an incident if an impact is light.

    Sign up for Jolt

    The basic features of Jolt are all free to use. All recordings and sensor data are included in the standard package.

    The paid tier of £3.99 per month provides immediate access to your data. If you remain on the free tier, then you will need to pay a one-off fee to receive the incident report and have details sent to your insurer.

    Jolt saves time and effort in collating data

    Dash cams are excellent if an incident occurs on the road. Not only can they provide unequivocal proof of blame, insurers may also reduce premiums if they are installed. Jolt offers the same benefits.

    In addition to this, the Jolt’s team provide an after-incident service. They will collate all of the data recorded through the app.

    This includes the video & audio files, location & maps, speed, weather, and other information useful in a claim. This is then made available in a format suitable for presenting to your insurance company. Jolt will even send this information on your behalf should you request it.

    This takes the effort out of managing the situation yourself, in what could potentially be a stressful and troubling time.

    The service is especially useful for businesses. If you ensure Jolt is installed on all your driver’s company phones, Jolt’s post-incident services could save on expensive data-collation costs incurred by solicitors.

    Download the app

    The app is available on both iOS and Android. Free to download, you will need to register an account to obtain an activation code and start recording.

    Jolt | Imperious Technologies | Google Play Jolt | Imperious Technologies | Apple App Store

    Designed with a clean, modern interface, the Jolt app is simple to operate. One touch starts recording and another can report an incident manually. If an incident is automatically assessed by the phone sensors, data will be saved.

    Following this, you will have the option to contact emergency services. Voice response can also be activated; this is important should you be unable to move or press the screen.

    In order to operate correctly, the app must be running in the foreground. This does mean if a phone call comes through, the app will pause. This is because Android & iOS firmware prioritises the phone app. If you switch Jolt back to the foreground, recording will resume.

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