• Masterplug pass-through power adapter & USB ports

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    Constantly looking for a charger? With the massive rise in mobiles and tablets it’s no surprise. With Masterplug products you can quickly and easily add USB ports to any mains socket.

    Masterplug manufacture simple, easy to fit accessories for your mobile lifestyle. Every plug is surge protected and connects to existing 3 PIN mains sockets. This not only adds 2 USB ports with a total 2.1A output, you also surge protect the socket.

    Masterplug Surge Protected USB Plug Clove UKThese are suitable for use at home or in the office. Better than a single USB mains charger, Masterplug lets you charge several items from just one plug.

    Several USB-powered devices can be connected at the same time. This includes smartphones, tablets, e-readers, cameras and many more. Use your own USB cables and still access the 3 PIN socket for a third item thanks to the pass-through feature.

    A simple yet ingenious solution, there is no complicated fiddling, just plug in and away you go.

    Measuring only 5.5 x 7.4 x 6 cm, the Masterplug is compact enough for travel use and can be used discreetly on power sockets without looking unsightly.

    Masterplug USB Plug In Situ Example

    There are also LED indicators for both power (blue) and surge protection (white). These show if power is connected safely and ready to use.

    Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your plug sockets at home or trying to save space in your luggage while on the road, this is a perfect solution.

    Available for purchase as a single or twin pack, prices start from £13.98.

    Masterplug Surge Protected USB Plug iPhone Clove UK

    Masterplug Technical Specifications

    • Dimensions: 5.5 x 7.4 x 6 cm
    • Input: AC 120V-240V. 50Hz
    • Total Output: 2.1A
    • Protection: 2 x 14 MOV + 1 X GDT
    • Maximum Surge Energy: 250J
    • Maximum Surge Current: 9000 A



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