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    Is it time to Switch Android?

    We all know how much of a hassle it is setting up our smartphones just how we like.  All of us have our own idiosyncratic way of doing things, and smartphones are now incredibly personal.

    It is not until you come to change your phone that you realise how much time you have spent configuring them.  Inputting your contacts, along with downloading, and installing apps.  Then there is the  personalising of your Home screen.

    The thought of having to start all over again from scratch is a daunting prospect.  This is particularly the case if you are moving platform from iOS to Android, or vice versa.

    Google has seen that this is a barrier which could be stopping many people from switching to Android.  So they have made the process as simple as possible, in fact it can all be done in 3 easy steps.

    Steps to Transfer from iOS to Android

    Step 1

    Switch from iOS to Android Clove UK 1

    Get Google Drive

    Begin by downloading Google Drive on to your iOS device and sign in with your Google account.  If you haven’t yet got an account the option to create one is available.

    Make sure you have the latest version of Google Drive installed on your iOS device.  This will make sure you don’t meet any difficulties with your transfer.

    Download Google Drive

    Step 2

    Switch from iOS to Android Clove UK 2

    With Google Drive setup, the next thing to do is to back up the data you want to keep from your iOS device.

    There is a helpful backup wizard which makes this process easy. You can use this by selecting Menu > Settings > Backup.

    Then choose to either back up everything by clicking ‘Start Backup’, or select certain content.

    Google do warn that this process can take several hours, so connection to power and Wi-Fi is highly recommended.

    Step 3

    Switch from iOS to Android Clove UK 3

    Then simply sign in to your Google account and you’re ready to go.  Make sure you use the same account!

    Don’t forget to turn off iMessage, as otherwise you may not receive text messages sent from an iPhone.

    WHen the process if finished, you will have successfully ported over from iOS to Android.

    At Clove Technology we are able to offer a variety of Android smartphones SIM Free from various manufacturers. 

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    Source Google article.


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