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    Sony Xperia Projector 1

    Projectors are not new, but the concept Sony present with the Xperia Projector is something we haven’t seen before.

    This is something that Sony showed off earlier last year. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas though, they unveiled further developments.

    Unlike a traditional projector that simply offers up an image or video stream onto a surface, the Xperia Projector has infrared technology built in that allows a level of interaction we have not seen before.

    Think of an Android tablet. Now rather than a physical screen, the projector outputs the display to the surface in front of you.

    Capable of displaying much larger than tablet screens, the image is at 720p HD quality when projected. You also have full touch support just like a tablet, including multi-touch.

    The number of use cases are vast, but a couple of likely daily scenarios include protecting things like recipes onto a worktop in the kitchen or interacting with apps with children.

    You can then also use it a little more like a traditional projector, positioning it to offer up to an 80″ image on a wall.

    The official Sony video demonstrating it is shown below, followed by a couple of other hands-on examples.

    Xperia Projector – still a concept device

    Sony Xperia Projector 2At this stage the Xperia Projector is still very much a concept. No word has been given on if or when Sony will actually release this to consumers.

    Given the demo’s though it would seem like it is something they are keen on pursuing. The unit and official video also appear on Sony’s official Smart Products page. This includes the Xperia Ear which has just launched.

    What do you think? Does it have potential? Could you find a use case scenario for it?

    For me personally the kitchen seems like one of the most logical places. Particularly when baking. Rather than touching a glass screen with flour covered fingers, touching the already dusted work surface is appealing.

    I also think group meetings could benefit when there are one or two of you, hovering around a table and wishing/needing to see things at a scale larger than most tablet or laptop screens.

    Positioning the device may be an issue, it looks like you need a bit of space for the larger projections.

    Nonetheless I find the innovation here very interesting.


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