• Thinkware F800 Air wins CES Innovation Award; due June

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    Thinkware F800 Air Hero Banner ImageWe’ve focused a lot on Dash Cams over the past couple of years. And with good reason; they are fast becoming a must have accessory.

    A number of brands are vying for the top spot in this already crowded sector. Among them, Thinkware have started to stand out as offering high quality features at very fair price compared to their competition.

    They have several models spanning various price points. At the top-end, they have just announced the F800 Air at the CES convention in Las Vegas earlier this month. Following on from the successful F770 model, the new Thinkware F800 Air will incorporate more smart features and an Internet of Things ethos to improve user safety and backups.

    Register interest for the new Thinkware F800 Air | Due June

    CES Innovation Award

    Thinkware F800 Air AngledAt CES this year, awards were available for several categories of consumer product. Thinkware walked away winning the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category.

    In order to win the category and come above other honorees, a product has to showcase impressive physical design and engineering. It must also have a positive impact on the target demographic’s quality of life. Finally there should be attractive or novel features that differentiate it from the competition.

    The judges at CES felt that Thinkware’s improvements marked the F800 Air as a worthy winner.

    New Features in Thinkware F800 Air

    Pencilled in to launch in June, Thinkware F800 Air has the following new features:

    • Emergency Alert: Send alert messages / calls to preset emergency contacts in the event of a crash or accident
    • Parking Incident Notifications: Send notifications to your phone should the vehicle get hit whilst parked
    • Geofencing / Location Based Service: Send notifications to your phone should the camera go outside of a preset GPS zone
    • Driving Report Service: Analyse driving patterns to check on speed and braking /acceleration patterns. Great for insurers or checking how fast your kids drive!
    • Thinkware Cloud: A complete online account and backup service to automatically save or download recorded footage

    The above all sound like an excellent bolstering to the current high end specifications of Thinkware’s current kit. The focus across the whole tech space is with Internet of Things (IoT) and interconnecting equipment.

    If Thinkware can develop a robust online account and notification system, then this could really set their models apart from the crowd in 2017.

    Thinkware F800 Air Rear Thinkware F800 Air Front Thinkware F800 Air Side



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    • Hi Carl – we’re actually due to put the camera live on the website with new details very soon. The shipping date has been moved back slightly to August

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