• BlackBerry Mercury / Press / DTEK70 teased again

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    BlackBerry Mercury Teaser Image 1 Clove UK A few weeks ago, BlackBerry teased their upcoming smartphone. Code named Mercury and featuring a physical keyboard, the phone also has the potential names of BlackBerry Press or DTEK70.

    The tweet below from the official BlackBerry Mobile handle shows off a short video tease. The phone will be unveiled officially at MWC in Barcelona at the end of February.

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    BlackBerry Mercury Teaser Video

    We’ve extracted the video from the tweet so we can take a closer look. As we can see there is a new tagline of Distinctly Different. I quite like this. It’s clear and to the point, unlike some of BlackBerry’s past muddled messages.

    There’s  also a date of February 25th, so we’re certain now that the official unveiling will be at MWC in Barcelona.

    Previous videos and images have already shown the full form factor. The traditional BlackBerry keyboard is shown in its full 4-row incarnation, rather than the 3-row version of the Passport.

    There’s also no slider to be seen. The BlackBerry Mercury is a single unit. What will carry over from Passport and Priv though is the truly excellent trackpad. This is built into the keyboard and provides unprecedented control over your cursor and scrolling.

    We should also see a new generation fingerprint sensor contained within the space bar. The indentation within that button can only mean one thing.

    BlackBerry have seen a resurgence in 2016 following their move to Android. Diehard fans may lament the loss of the BB OS system, however with exciting hardware like this on the horizon, the brand definitely isn’t going anywhere yet.

    Register your interest in BlackBerry Mercury | Clove Technology

    BlackBerry Mercury Hands On Images

    We’ve posted these before but here they are again in case you missed them last time. Courtesy of AndroidCentral, the images show what should be close to the final hardware.

    Some tweaks are of course possible but this gives a good idea of what’s coming in February.

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