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    Microsoft are always going to have fans and enemies for a variety of reasons. No company can really please everyone.

    Whilst Windows 10 Mobile does not work for me personally, it surprises me how much negativity exists regarding the platform. The regular criticism being a lack of apps. This is a valid criticism, yet countless users get lots of value from the system. For good reason too, primarily those in business.

    When it comes to explaining why I can think of few better than Steve Litchfield. He is editor at AAWP (All About Windows Phone) and co-host of the All About Windows Phone Insight Podcast.

    Here is what he has to say on the topic.

    Steve Litchfield on Windows 10 Mobile

    All About Windows Phone LogoWhy consider a Windows 10 Mobile phone in 2016 and beyond? Well, you’ll certainly not be buying it for running consumer applications like Snapchat, Pokemon Go and the latest games. Most of these simply aren’t available. The ‘app gap’ from iOS and Android to Windows Phone (and then Windows 10 Mobile) has been much publicised and is accurate. Though we’d argue that all applications a mobile professional needs to get things done are very much present and correct. With bells on.

    And this is the key to buying into Windows 10 Mobile smartphones such as the Lumia 950 range, the new Acer Liquid Jade Primo and the HP Elite X3. You’d buy these because they’re mobile computers that run the same Windows 10 as on your laptop or desktop. Complete with Cortana, Office, Outlook, and other Universal Windows Platform applications, all beautifully integrated with OneDrive and cloud storage. Now, the phones run on an ARM chip (usually a Snapdragon from Qualcomm) so don’t expect to run ‘legacy’ Win32 applications from your company, but almost all Windows 10 UWP apps will work just fine.

    Along these lines, taking things one step further, these top end smartphones also support ‘Continuum’, letting you hook up wirelessly (or through a dock, if you want to charge your phone at the same time) to use any Miracast or Windows 10-enabled display as a second monitor for your phone’s UWP apps. So your phone becomes your computer – you’re fully signed in, authenticated, and so on, into all your apps and services, and now you can use an external secondary monitor at its full resolution, a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard (for example) to create a full desktop-like Windows 10 experience, with everything open and ready to go in seconds.

    Oh, and if you’re sceptical as to how compatible the displays that you encounter in (e.g.) hotel rooms will be for Continuum use, try the new HP Lapdock, a 1080p laptop shell which provides everything you need to expand your Windows 10 Mobile experience.

    Windows 10 Mobile & Desktop

    In short, this is a world away from the typical consumer market and expectations. Microsoft is clearly pitching its own efforts now at the professional and business end of the market and many of its hardware partners are doing the same. In fact, it’s not inconceivable that the lack of Snapchat, Tinder, and the latest games might be seen as a boon – less distractions, less trivia and more productivity all round!

    Windows 10 Mobile devices

    As you can see Steve touches upon just how Windows 10 is designed to be different. It’s about productivity and working on the go; getting important business tasks complete.

    This is not to say it will work for you I or everyone else. Of course much much will depend on your personal circumstances and desires.

    For more information follow our link below or head over to AAWP to delve deeper into the Windows 10 community.

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    Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future. Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants.


  • I have been using Windows Phone/Mobile continuously for five years, and I can attest that there is nothing wrong with the basic functionality of the platform. It is actually faster and more user-friendly than comparable Androids. If you are looking for the latest social media and games apps, Windows Mobile is not for you. Also, most apps for businesses are only Android and Apple right now. However, you can still do almost everything through the Edge browser. It is very sad how public perception has destroyed a very good product. However, I am still getting updates, indicating Microsoft is continuing to move forward with the platform. I am looking forward to the possibility of the Surface line and what that may bring.

  • Very good article that hits on the points why I am using a Windows 10 Phone in 2017. For years I switched back and forth from iOS to Android. Last year I decided to carry and use a Windows Phone daily to see if it was something I was missing. My main work computer is still a Mac but I have seriously been thinking about moving over to Windows 10 (hey that Surface book is one sexy laptop). After nearly a year I have been pleased with what the Lumia 950 offers. No other platform right now has anything close to Continuum. Microsoft’s apps are beautiful on the device (Office, Skype, Outlook, Cortana, Maps, Calendar, etc.) And yes third party app support is lacking but I’ve come to realize that these phones are meant for the business professional and not the person wanting to be entertained through apps. What you get is a mini Windows 10 device that even sports the tiles seen on Windows desktop. It’s not perfect… I have yet to find any platform that is. But it’s different. And in my year of use I have found myself being more productive on my phone than I had been on my previous Android device. I don’t know what the future holds but I will be sad if Microsoft ceases development on their mobile devices.

    • Good points Red and exactly why we shared this article from Steve. There’s a lot of negative press surrounding the system but we feel much of this misses the point. Windows Phones aren’t really being targeted at the ‘app generation’ / ‘millennials’ or whoever the target audience of these blogs and reviews are.

      As a core product, Windows 10 for mobile does everything a professional needs, with Office, calendar & Exchange integration and a core suite of apps that all work together seamlessly. While the third party ‘app gap’ does exist and may put off many, there are still plenty of actual productivity based apps on the Microsoft Store, or as Tim says in an other comment, the Edge browser which has been very well implemented.

      It’s interesting to us here at Clove that proportionally we’ve actually sold a fair number of Windows devices. As a more specialist provider, our demographic tends to skew more towards the professional, business user, or those looking to test the newest products. As such we still sell a decent amount of Windows (and also BlackBerry) handsets.

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