• LG G6 Teased: Big screen, Small body, Waterproof…

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    Last year’s modular G5 was a lot of fun, but didn’t quite hit the mark. For 2017, LG are apparently listening to consumers when making the LG G6.

    Just posted to LG Mobile Global’s YouTube page is the following video. In it, LG pose the question “What’s on your wish list for the ideal smartphone?

    LG G6 Teaser Video Screencap 1 Clove UKNow I don’t expect LG will keep to everything they’ve mentioned here. The last interviewee says she doesn’t want to keep paying for a cracked screen or anything!

    While unlimited screen replacement would be incredible, I don’t think it’s something LG could realistically offer. Interesting that it’s mentioned though; perhaps a single replacement offer could be in the works? It would certainly differentiate them from the crowd.

    LG G6 Expected Features

    What else do we have though? Bigger screen, one handed use, capture everything…

    LG G6 Teaser Video Screencap 2 Clove UKWell a press release from LG Display has all but confirmed the LG G6 will be using a 5.7″ QHD+ panel. This will also be at a new 18:9 (2:1?) ratio.

    That would make for a taller, slimmer device. With the recent improvement in almost bezel-less handsets, I expect the screen-to-body ratio to be off the charts.

    “Capture all at once” is a bit of an odd statement. LG’s cameras have been nothing short of excellent for the past couple of generations. I wouldn’t put it past them having something to fancy to show off when it comes to imaging.

    LG G6 Teaser Video Screencap 3 Clove UKWe also have waterproofing. To be fair, this is par for the course now, with both iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy models on board. Still it’s good to see LG ticking expected boxes as well as teasing new features.

    The end of the video finishes with “February 2017”. Whether that’s a launch date or an unveiling we don’t know. Of course MWC in Barcelona rolls around every February. So we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on LG’s stand in a few weeks time.


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  • Cracked screens wouldn’t be such a problem if the outer glass could be replaced.. modern fully-laminated screens where the external glass, touch and LCD and backlight are one unit surely make it more expensive to repair damage?
    It’s all in the name of having thinner devices with smaller batteries that tech bloggers and marketing people love but actually make life worse for real-life users.

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