• Moto Mods – What’s inside?

    By Jon , December 23, 2016 - Leave a comment

    If you follow mobile technology, then you will surely have heard about the new Moto Z and Moto Z Play. One of their key selling points is the range of modular accessories, referred to as ‘Moto Mods‘.

    clove technology moto mods hands onA neat engineering feat, the Moto Mods simply clip to the back of the Z & Z Play using magnets. They then use pogo style pins to communicate with the phone.

    Fully integrated software means you can use and swap the Moto Mods almost instantaneously.

    But what is inside these mods?  Popular YouTube channel What’s Inside take their tools to the accessories and show us what these devices are made of. Check out the video below. Skip to about 4:10 to see the good bits.

    Available Moto Mods

    These accessories enhance the Moto Z or Moto Z Play in different ways. To date you can purchase:

    Insta-share Projector

    Project up to a 70″ image from this module that has an internal battery of 1,100 mAh and a 50 lumen lamp. Our review here.

    Hasselblad True Zoom

    A 12 megapixel, 1080- HD video recording camera with 10 optical and 4x digital zoom.  Added features include a Xenon flash and RAW image capture. Our review here.

    JBL Soundboost Speaker

    Stand the phone in landscape orientation and keep sounds blasting out loud and clear 2 x 3 watt speakers. Our review here.

    Incipio OffGrid Power Pack

    Work away from power for longer, up to 22 hours longer with this detachable 2,220 mAh battery. Our review here.

    What's Inside moto mods tear down



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