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    Moto Mods Insta-Share Projector

    OK, so let’s start by saying that this Mod will create the most interest with your friends… Designed and manufactured by Moto themselves, the Insta-Share Projector allows you to project your screen up to 70”. Right from your phone!

    Like all the Mods, this connects effortlessly to the back of your Moto Z. The magnetic connection is strong and the gold connectors line up swiftly.

    The projector does add a fair amount of bulk but doesn’t stop you using any of the phone’s functions. It might be weightier, however still manages to feel comfortable in the hand.

    Like the JBL SoundBoost we reviewed earlier, a battery status button is present to check on the internal battery level. An on screen message appears with this detail when the Mod is connected too.

    With the projector attached, place your phone on a flat surface and pull out the aluminium stand. Press the power button and the projector immediately throws anything on screen to an opposing wall or other suitable flat surface.

    You get a direct copy of the screen, so this will show home screens and menus. It’s best to full-screen any videos or streamed content.

    Moto Insta-Share Projector quality

    moto z hands-on insta-share projectorLike all projectors, the best results depend on the surrounding lighting. Darker is better of course and, if possible, project onto a smooth white surface.

    The Insta-Share Projector itself fires out at 50 lumens. That’s not hugely bright so I definitely recommend turning the lights off. You wouldn’t really be able to use this outdoors in sunlight.

    We ran some HD YouTube videos in the office in low light for quick testing. The projector maxes at 854 x 480 (16:9) so the result might be a touch grainier than you’re used to. At approx 40-50″ the quality was still very acceptable though, even when stood fairly close.

    The contrast ratio of 400:1 isn’t going to blow anyone away. Colours are a bit muted, however overall the effect is impressive when you remember it’s just tacked on to the back of the phone.

    A focus dial lets you get the image sharper. It was very easy to bring the projected image from small to large and refocus.

    The projector has an impressive automatic keystone adjustment too. If you move the projection angle to a new surface, it will readjust and get the image displaying in a true rectangle within a second or two.


    Initially I was a little sceptical of this Mod. Then with a little thought I could see so many uses for it. An occasional and immediate presentation tool. Showing a football match or other live event with friends at a bar. A quick and easy way to share your pictures easily with a group.

    It also has the benefit of a built in 1,100 mAh battery. LIke the JBL Soundboost speaker, this runs the Mod only, so the phone’s battery is not drained. It can be charged separately from the phone to ensure it is fully charged when needed.

    With my testing, a fully charged projector got around 70 mins of use. After this, it automatically switched to phone battery. You can also connect to mains power or a portable power bank to keep the phone topped up in this situation.

    Summary – A portable projector with a very impressive image. I think this offers a lot of uses, and is the Mod at the top of my want list.

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    Moto Mods Range

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