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    Dash Cameras

    So you have been toying with the idea or purchasing a dash cam but you don’t want to break the bank. A budget dash cam is often then the best way to start off, as can be the case with any piece of technology. However there needs to be a balance between good value and functionality. It can often put you off technology when you have a bad a first, so getting the right balance is vital.

    This article will go through a few budget dash cams that offer a good level of functionality but don’t break the bank. The list isn’t exhaustive but will hopefully give a good insight into the market and exactly what you can get for your money. In terms of price, for this market anything below £100 is towards the lower end but not too budget as to give some features.

    Nextbase 202 Lite

    Priced at £79.99 this a great value for money product from respected dash cam manufacturer NextBase. This is their budget model, so as with most of these cameras don’t expect Wi-Fi or GPS to built in. However you can expect to see some very good value for money, such as this model which records in 720p HD. Of course this in’t full HD recording but for under £80 it is very good and with 120° wide-angle viewing you will capture the entire road in good quality.

    This dash camera is ideal for a first model. It will save you money on your insurance, record and save videos in the event of an impact with  its G sensor and there is a 2.7 inch display. This is exactly what you need for a camera and ideal for just about anyone.

    Key Specifications

    • Aperture range – F/2.0
    • 720p High Definition video recording
    • Built-in G-Sensor which automatically saves and protects any videos in the event of a impact
    • Built-in microphone
    • Automatic G sensor file locking

    Nextbase- In-Car-Cam-202-Front

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    Philips ADR 610

    Earlier this year I reviewed the Philips ADR 810 which is the upgraded model of this and I was very impressed. Philips have long stood for quality and just all round good products in the tech world. That’s why we shouldn’t be surprised that the 2 dash cams they release are very good products.

    You often here in technology that if you stick with the big brands then it’s a safe bet that you’re paying for quality. This is more often than not the case, and the ADR 610 doesn’t buck that trend with full HD recording, a 3.1 MP camera and 100° wide angle lens.

    Priced at £99.99 it as the top end of the budget sector but is perhaps still the worth it if you’re wanting to approach the £130/140 mark for a mid-tier product. It’s really a personal choice when it comes to the dahs cams but the ADR610 is definitely worth a look.

    Key Specifications

    • Full HD recording at 30fps
    • Advanced Wide Dynamic Range technology
    • 100° (Diagonal) wide angle lens
    • 3.1 Megapixel CMOS
    • Built-in G-Sensor
    • HDMI high-definition video output
    • 2″ LCD screen

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    Transcend DrivePro 100

    Transcend are another name which is very popular in the dash cam space. They make a great range of products and their DrivePro 220 has gotten some great reviews so that will be next on my list to test.

    Transcends range is often described as easy to use, good value and generally have good feedback from their users. This is exactly the sort of comments I like to hear when looking to buy new products. Of course the DrivePro 100 isn’t going to get as much praise as its bigger brothers but with a great wide angle lens and a full HD recording it is doing too badly. Trasncend also throw in a 16GB SD card which for £95.00 is a nice touch and means you can get straight up running as soon as it arrives.

    Key Specifications

    • 130° wide angle 3 megapixel lens
    • Emergency Recording mode
    • 2.4″ colour LCD screen
    • Free 16GB microSDHC
    • Full HD video recording


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    You can of course fins dash cams for cheaper than this, even some as low as £20 or £30 but this do come at a risk. Don’t expect superior customer service and build quality, and if it breaks it can often be hard to find parts or repair centres.

    This is why I decided to include budget dash cams that still have quality rather than just go cheap. Because as we all know you do get what you pay for and its more about finding great value.

    Hope this gives those of you perhaps looking to purchase your first dash cam a great insight into the budget market. It’s a great place to test the water, just make sure you pick one that is right for you.

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