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    OK so we’ve had plenty of interest in the LG G5 since it’s initial announcement – the phone itself is currently on sale for £529 including a pair of high-fidelity B&O headphones.

    What’s got a lot more people interested than usual for an LG release though is the modular Friends range. Optional accessories, each Friend enhances certain features of the phone. 5 have been put on show to date and we’ve finally got the official UK pricing for 4 of them.

    Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait just a little bit longer to find out when the awesome Rolling Bot will be available and how much LG will be asking for it.

    LG_Cam_Plus_CBG_700LG Cam Plus

    Providing you with extra grip and an extended battery, the LG Cam Plus is the most affordable of LG’s first wave of Friends.

    A must have for the amateur photographer, coupled with LG’s leading mobile camera, the Cam Plus gives you optimum control thanks to the added grip and physical control buttons.

    Priced at £69 inc. VAT, we expect first stock of the Cam Plus to be with us by April 8th.

    Order LG Cam Plus | £69

    Hi-Fi-Plus-with-B&O-PLAY-medium01LG Hi-Fi Plus (with B&O Play)

    The Hi-Fi Plus is a digital to audio converter aimed squarely at audiophiles and those who enjoy their music on the move.

    The unit itself includes its own amp and headphone socket so you can boost the quality of your tunes with a high quality set of cans, improve the sound when sharing a video with friends or ensure the best quality connection if hooking up to external audio equipment.

    Priced at £149 inc. VAT, we expect first stock of the Hi-Fi Plus to be with us by April 8th.

    Order LG Hi-Fi Plus | £149

    LG 360 CAMLG 360 Cam

    Designed specifically to create new 360° videos for sharing on compatible platforms, the 360 Cam is a sleek and portable unit which can easily be dropped into a bag or pocket.

    Featuring 2 13 megapixel camera sensors and 3 directional microphones for a fully immersive recording, 360 videos recorded on the 360 Cam can be viewed on the 360 VR along with other 360 video ready headsets and platforms including YouTube.

    Priced at £199 inc. VAT, we are waiting for availability of the 360 Cam to be announced.

    Order LG 360 Cam | £199

    LG 360 VRLG 360 VR

    Primarily designed to showcase 360 videos, the 360 VR will playback content recorded on the 360 Cam and other 360 video capable devices.

    Once you’re wearing the headset, you can find yourself right in the middle of any 360 scene. The headset uses a USB Type-C connection to hook up to the G5 smartphone.

    Priced at £199 inc. VAT, we are waiting for availability of the 360 VR to be announced.

    Order LG 360 VR | £199


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