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    The Liberto 825 is Doro’s latest addition to their range and what an addition it is with the smartphone capabilities it offers but the simplified user interface, ideal for first time smartphone users or seniors.

    To compliment the 825, Doro have launched a series of accessories which we have in stock now available for immediate dispatch.

    Doro Liberto 825 Bumper Case

    Liberto-825-Bumper-CaseEveryone needs a helping hand from time to time, which is just what the bumper case is designed to do.

    In case you worry about dropping your new Liberto 825 smartphone, or just want a little extra peace of mind that it can withstand a fall or knock, the Bumper Case provides a protective rubber edging.

    This adds grip to the phone, as well as further pronouncing the physical buttons – volume, power and ICE (in case of emergency) – for easier use.

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    Doro Liberto 825 Wallet Case

    Liberto-825-Wallet-Case-Black-OpenThe right case can add comfort, security and features to a smartphone. The Wallet Case for Liberto 825 by Doro manages to do all 3!

    Available in a choice of three colours in a faux leather material, the case adds style to the phone as well as a personal touch.

    The front cover folds over and protects the screen, held in place with a secure popper fastener. Inside, the case has a soft lining to avoid scratching the screen, along with space for up to three cards, be they credit, debit, store, discount or other types.

    Finally, there’s also a soft-nibbed stylus included, for easier interaction with the touch screen. This is especially useful if you happen to be out and about with the phone and cannot operate it because you are wearing gloves.

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    Doro Liberto 825 Flip Cover

    Liberto-825-Flip-Cover-Black-OpenFlip covers are a neat way to add a little something to smartphones, protecting the screen from scratches and marks when not in use.

    This genuine Doro accessory replaces the existing back cover of your Liberto 825, clipping over the top of the battery compartment for an exact fit.

    The flip cover folds over the front of the phone to protect the screen, with a soft felt interior to help avoid scratches. This is held in place with a magnetic closure – just strong enough to keep the cover in place without impeding access to the phone.

    Inside the flip cover you’ll also find a small compartment which is large enough for a credit or debit card, or some important paper notes or personal information.

    You can also continue to use the Doro Liberto 825 with its provided desktop charging dock, whilst using the Flip Cover case.

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    Doro Liberto 825 Screen Protector

    Liberto-825-Screen-ProtectorTouch screens are the most valuable component in a smartphone. They provide the interface for almost every interaction, so they are also the most important!

    The Liberto 825 screen is built to last the lifespan of the phone, however a little extra protection never went amiss.

    With this official tempered glass screen protector from Doro, you can be assured of added safety and avoid cracks, scratches and other unsightly blemishes to the screen.

    Unlike fiddly thin film protectors, this tempered glass protector is simple to apply, remove and reapply, without leaving bubbles under the surface.

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