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    Huawei Mate 8 SIM free

    Huawei are producing some great products which feature the latest in technology, and have great design with lots of unique touches. The Mate 8 is one of their best with a slim design and the most recent technology including a fingerprint sensor, octa-core processor and 4G connectivity.

    With a 6″ display this smartphone is great for media or just getting a lot done on the move.

    With 2 SIM card slots this dual SIM smartphone is great for those who have a work and personal SIM or indeed SIM cards for different countries or businesses you may work for.

    32GB of internal storage provides a reasonable amount of internal memory for apps, media and more on this Android phone whilst there is the possibility too of micoSD memory card expansion.

    High speed connectivity via WiFi and 4G gives access to any content you may have in the cloud and the 4000mAh battery should keep you powered through more than a full working day.

    The first stock has arrived at Clove and is available for shipping now.

    Buy SIM Free Huawie Mate 8


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  • Looking at the video ypou link to, I am guessing that one cannot use two SIMS and a micro-sd card at the same time as one of the SIM slots appears to be for SIM or microsd card. Please tell me I am wrong and I will order one – otherwise it’s a longer wait till I find a phone that will give me dual sin AND micro-sd concurrently!

  • Can you tell me if the mate 8 is a Full Active dual sim? ie Can you receive a phone call on sim 2 when you’re talking on sim 1? (does it without any forwarding between sims, and some 2 doesn’t give a busy signal). Also when youre on a call on sim 1, can you still browse the Internet on sim 2? i know the Sony Xperia and Samsung dual sim phones are Dual Standby even though a lot of marketing material refers to them as full active (they’re not). Looking to buy a mate 8 if I can confirm they’re definitely Full Active.

    • Hi Regan, thanks for enquiry. I believe you’ve now been contacted separately by email about this issue.
      The Mate 8 will NOT be a dual active SIM, so if one SIM is being used for calls, the second will be inactive.

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