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    Doro Liberto 825_black_frontDoro are being increasingly well known for their range of mobile phones that put usability at the forefront of the design be that physical hardware or software.  Adapted to the growing worldwide population of senior and elderly citizens their handsets make what could be a daunting experience simpler and easier to use and integrate into a daily lifestyle.

    Whilst many phones have been feature phones with no touchscreen or advanced functionality like that found on Samsung, Sony and Apple phones, over the last few years the Swedish firm have moved into this space and the new Liberto 825 is their latest more advanced device, aimed at those who want to have a smartphone that is capable and modern, whilst still being accessible and not loaded with unnecessary features.

    Having personally used the phone I concluded after spending time with it:

    Out of all the phones I have tried and tested over the years, from leading brands to new startups I have never seen or used a phone that makes the whole setup experience as simple as Doro do on the Liberto 825

    The 825 is appealing to those who want a smartphone, who want to be able to call, email, text and browse the web on the go, but are less confident with what some may call ‘new fangled technology’.

    In all reality it makes a users first time experience of using a smartphone memorable and rewarding rather than frustrating and simply want to give up on.

    There is no need to refer to a manual with the 825 because you get taught things as you go along and what you might want to do at a later date are logical.

    Announced towards the end of last year, the first stock of 825 has now arrived and is available for purchase from Clove for £210 inclusive of VAT.

    Buy Doro Liberto 825

    Some of the key features and desirable offerings of the 825 are:

    • Simplified user interface
    • Physical buttons for recent apps home and back
    • Large 5″ screen with clear text
    • Hearing aid compatible
    • Assistance button that can call and message pre-programmed contacts
    • 8 MP camera with autofocus and flash
    • Android 5.1 operating system with access to application store
    • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
    • FM Radio
    • 4G connectivity
    • 200mAh battery
    • Charging cradle for simple docking and charging included

    If you would like  a little more detail on the handset, seeing the box contents, and what it looks like in the hand then be sure to check out the following unboxing video.

    Or for even more detail you can find a full review here or you can watch the video below if you would rather sit back watch and listen.


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