• Appeal to bring Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Europe #note5foreurope

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    Update 15th September:

    We have now presented the list of signatures to Samsung, which they have taken onboard with interest.

    At this time we have been unable to confirm with them a precise European launch date, but they do of course wish to meet customer demands when they can.

    It is our hope that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will come to the UK in the not too distant future. We will keep you informed of any further developments that do arise.

    Update 26th August:

    Thanks for your support

    One last push before we show Samsung

    Firstly we would like to thank everyone for showing their support and signing our Note 5 appeal.

    We wanted to provide an update because we’ve now surpassed the 10,000 signatures mark.

    This is a fantastic number to hit in under 2 weeks and we have been overwhelmed by the support shown by the tech community.

    We’ll be presenting the petition to Samsung on Friday, so we would like to have one last push to drive the number up as much as possible.

    It would be great if you could forward this email to friends that may be interested or share our Note 5 appeal page on social media.

    Thanks again, we’ll update you with any developments as they happen.

    Here’s to hoping for a Note 5 European launch in the very near future!

    Many Thanks

    The Clove Team

    On Thursday 13th August 2015 Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

    From the very first Samsung Galaxy Note, the Note series has been all about a powerful tool that is different to most other products available today. The stylus/S-Pen most notably being the differentiating factor.

    The Note range has won the hearts of many around the world, from smartphone enthusiasts, to power users to those who simply love the Note form factor; this includes Europeans.

    In a shock move, Samsung has announced that the Note 5 will not be launching in Europe in 2015. Whilst a future launch has not been ruled out, there is no current indication as to if and when this may be.

    The Korean firm is instead pushing Europeans to the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+; a very powerful smartphone, but not a Galaxy Note.

    Whilst here at Clove we respect Samsung’s decision we are smartphone users too and understand how for so many, this is very disappointing news. We would therefore like to show Samsung what the Note series and particularly the Note 5 meant to you.

    Please sign this form below (or by opening it in a new window here), by entering your name and email address and we will, on your behalf show them just how important the Note 5 is to Europe.

    We would like to think if enough people show Samsung their desire to buy the Note 5 in the UK and Europe then it may make them reconsider. Samsung should listen to their prospective customers when they tell them how important the Note line is to us Europeans.

    Once you have signed, encourage those you know to do so to, by sharing this form and spreading the message on social media with the #note5foreurope

    Please be aware, this list of names and email addresses will not be used for any marketing activity and will only be used for direct communication with you regarding the Note 5 in Europe. This form is hosted on Google Forms and whilst every effort is taken to protect your security and identity this service is hosted and offered by Google.

    Let your voice be heard and try and bring the Note 5 to Europe.


    This article was written by a member of the Clove Team. Clove is a specialist provider of mobile technology products, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, connected home products, memory cards and associated accessories.


  • Please Samsung, push Note5 to Europe in order to have a lower price for a new Note4 (a Note smartphone as it should be!)

  • Had the Note 3 and 4 from day one, the Note 5 takes too many changes in the wrong direction. Not interested

  • J’ai toujours eu des notes le 2, le 3, le 4 j’attendais le 5 avec impatience…très déçue j’espère que samsung va reconsidérer son choix de ne pas distribuer le note 5 en Europe. Une grosse déception pour ses fidèles clients… qui peut être choisirons une autre marque de téléphone……

  • Samsung have took a great product and ruined by making it into an iPhone like product,bad move,really bad move.

  • Had a note 3 and have a 4….

    I’ll just get a cheaper alterative now or go back to apple …

    sick of the lack of support for updates and contempt they are showing to existing customers with this decision

  • No thanks hope Note 5 sales flop, Samsung’s Note 5 event was a joke banging on at the start of the event about how they listen to there customers, they removed 2 main feature in Micro SD card and removable battery.

  • What a shameful pity..I cannot understand the rationale behind the development of the Note 5. Its simply illogic as it brings about negative changes, thus grossly undermining the incremental maturation of the product. Its just useless with around 59GM of user available storage ; and they want us to shoot 4K video.

    I read about the possibility of using hybrid dual sim ports – anyone knows anything. As it is the Note 5 can only attract new users. Us having an 11 month Note 4 just cannot have our services shrunken!

  • Very disappointed of Samsung business strategy regarding the Note 5 with no access to Europe.
    French customer writing.

  • Ditto!! Yes they insulted us! Am a Note supporter since the original and updated as soon as the upgrades were available. I am a heavy user of SD, IR blaster and MHL, thus no Note 5 for me.

  • Surprisingly I thought I’d go for this. However, the phone it’s self with no IR blaster, smaller battery, no SD no 128GB left me so disappointed.
    I may still have even give it a go, sometimes I can’t resist new tech.
    But then the ultimate kick in the teeth, launch in London & then say “you’re not getting it”
    No doubt Apple, LG, Sony etc will be happy at this news.
    Poor show Samsung, I’ve had 5 phones off you but will be getting no more.

  • Youre going about this the wrong way.
    Owner of a Note 1 , 2 , 3 and Edge. If there is no Note 5 before LG G4 PRo is out ill be swapping to LG . I-ll be done with Samsung TV-s , laptops and phones . If im not worth your time and my money is no good for you i-ll find business elsewhere. Making this petition makes you seem like a beggar with no other choices. They treat you like shit and you-re begging for more.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I too will shun all future samsung products if they don’t get their act together quick smart.

  • I would be interested if it had a bigger battery but the smug way the presenter told us battery life was a problem solved by fast charging put me off.
    It’s amazing how they have caused so much upset in one launch event.
    No sd card, no replaceable battery, smaller battery than note 4, no ir blaster, glass back, silly keyboard that covers half the screen.
    I HAD wanted one before I found out its hobbled specifications. Now I’m just hoping for a Note 5 active that brings a bit of sense back to the formerly leading note line.

  • Plus que déçue !!!! J’attendais la sortie du note 5 … quelle surprise et quelle déception !!!!!! Pour avoir eu tout les notes à chacune de leur sortie et aussi les Galaxy s, il n’y a pas photo … je préfère très largement et sans discussion la gamme note pour son grand écran ainsi que pour son utilisation car pour moi la gamme note je la considère comme un ordinateur de poche !!!

  • Bonjour.
    Étant gérant de société le Galaxy Note 4 et indispensable pour moi.
    C’est pour cela que je voulais acheter le Note 5 et je suis vraiment déçu de ne pas pouvoir l’acheter voir même dégoûter.
    Mr Quillet

  • Samsung should at the very least allows the sale of Note5 outright from online retailers such as Clove with the phone not attached to any network. That way they can continue their (odd) marketing strategy of entirely focusing on S6 Edge+ with all the Networks and all marketing in Europe, but not insult and ignore those that want to purchase Note5.

  • quelle déception pour moi que le note 5 ne sorte pas en europe. je voulais acheter le note 5. je suis un fan de ce smartphone depuis le début. du coup je vait soit acheter un iphone 6s plus ou peut etre le s6 edge plus mais vu la deception que samsung ma fait ya des chance que moi comme beaucoup d’autres parte chez apple.

  • Shumë i zhgënjyer për mungesën e Note 5 në Europë. E megjithatë në disa aspekte Note 5 është larg pritshmërive, veçanërisht për mungesën e kartës së memories.
    Très déçu par l’absence de Note 5 sur le marché européen, quoique sur certain aspects Note 5 est loin des attentes des fans, notamment par l’absence d’un port de carte microSD.

  • Constater que Samsung décide de manière unilatérale de nous imposer un produit plutôt qu’un autre, sans même avoir pris la peine de consulter ses clients européens…c’est un pari risqué. Samsung est pour l’heure encore numéro 1 dans le monde de la téléphonie mobile, mais ce n’est pas avec des décisions de ce genre qu’ils vont le rester. Si vous avez un minimum de respect pour vos clients européens et pour les amoureux de vos produits, dans ce cas revoyez votre décision et commercialisez le Samsung Note 5 en Europe. Vous avez choisi de suivre une logique qui en a déstabilisé plus d’un en surfant sur le style Apple et en supprimant beaucoup de caractéristiques qui faisaient pourtant la force de vos produits passés (slot carte micro sd, batterie amovible, étanchéité…), vous avez compris que vos processeurs maison étaient plus plébiscités que les Snapdragon et avez fait le choix judicieux d’intégrer un Exynos au Galaxy S6 ainsi qu’au nouveau Note 5…mais ne faites pas l’erreur monumentale de ne pas commercialiser le Note 5 en Europe (en France pour ma part), car vous allez perdre énormément de clients, dont je fais partie.
    Réveillez-vous Samsung !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Galaxy Note 5? No way, not interested.
    i’m not buying a device without micro SD card.
    and actually i can live without the stylus as it is not used much anyway.
    perhaps it’s time to ditch galaxy note at all?

    non-removable battery could have been tolerable, but lack of the microsd slot is an absolute insult to savvy android users and is a show stopper.

    i will not buy this device, and will stop recommending samsung products starting immediately.
    that’s why i do not support your campaign.

  • Et pourquoi ne l’aurions nous pas ? Nous voulons le note 5 . Je change de marque de téléphone s’il ne l’importe pas

  • It’s samsung choice, but why? maybe they were refused registration in the EU :-). It’s incomprehensible. Samsung’s leaving. I had GALAXY S2, S3 NOTE 2,3,4 and now such a blow. It offends me. Not even this racism?

  • Samsung we need note5 in europe we use the note every day me especialy im a fan of note series since the 1st note i have all 4 notes please samsung bring note 5 in europe we dont use s6 edge plus

  • Vraiment déçu de cette décision, en espérant un changement de leur part. Étant dernièrement en possession du note1, j’ai acheté un galaxy s6 edge croyant faite un bon achat. Bien mal m’en a pris, regrettant mon précédent smartphone, j’attendais avec impatience l’arrivée du note5 pour retrouver un peu de cette prise en main des différents note précédents.

  • I won’t buy a S6 Edge Plus instead of the Note 5.
    Samsung, if you think that customers will buy an Edge Plus instead of a missing Note 5, you’re WRONG !

    Je n’achèterai pas un S6 Edge Plus à la place du Note 5.
    Samsung, si vous pensez que les clients vont acheter un Edge Plus à la place du Note 5, vous vous fourrez le doigt dans l’oeil jusqu’au coude !

  • Samsung depuis l iphone 4s grace au note et là vu la politique samsung autant repartir pour un iphone 6 plus ….. réélement déçu. …..! Mais une grosse impression que cela est just pour booster le s6+ et le note 5 sera lancé en debut sept a berlin avec la watch

  • Déçu d apprendre que le note 5 ne serait pas commercialise en europe.
    Je pense que le groupe samsung fait une grosse erreur.
    J ai eu le galaxy note puis le 2 et le 3 j attendais le 5 avec impatience.
    Peut être devrais je envisager de passer à une autre marque.
    J espère que samsung va revenir sur sa décision et permettre au européens d avoir accès au note 5.

  • J’attendais la venu du note 5 avec impatience pour remplacer le 4 en ma possession.
    Je trouve cela dommage de ne pas le distribuer en Europe.

  • I have Note 2, Note 2 LTE, Note 3, was skipping the 4 for the 5, (not to mention tons of other Samsung stuff) but as said already, my biggest issue is the loss of the microsd, then I was told there would be a 128gb version, so I thought, this would probably keep my onside, now it appears that is gone too! what is going on? however I recently read somewhere (can’t remember where) that there will be a dual sim variant on which it will have some sort of special second sim reader into which a microsd can be inserted instead of the second sim, now that would be good it it’s true.

    Now Samsung spill the beans or call me over so we can have a chat!

  • As the owner of a Note 4, I am not very happy with the changes that Samsung have made in the Note 5 – I am not planning to upgrade to it as I have major reservations about the loss of the user-replaceable battery and microSD card slot in favour of Samsung’s “premium” styling on a phone series that has previously been targeted towards the power user. I certainly hope that Samsung will bring these features back for the next Note as they are significant factors in my choosing a Samsung device.

    However, so is the S Pen, and I was even more surprised to see that Samsung would deny the entire European market a Note device. Given that I have serious reservations about the direction the Note 5 has taken, I would not even consider the Galaxy S6 Edge+ (not least because I do not want a curved screen), and it is in no way a successor to the excellent Note 4. My last three phones have all been Samsung, but they will lose my future business if they are not only removing features from their highest-end phones but also denying them to Europe completely.

  • Loyal Note buyer (Note 3 & Note 4) but will not be getting the Note 5. Reasons why: No removable battery, Too small battery, No external storage, Too small internal storage, and No USB 3.1 connection. Now I’m waiting for the either the LG G4 Pro or the new Nexus. Samsung, you made a big mistake not listening to your loyal users……

  • J’attends le note 5 depuis un moment. Je suis déçu des anciennes versions. Le note 5 m’intéresse vraiment. Penser à mettre une extension de la mémoire pour nous européen et surtout nôtre bon vieux stylet .

  • The Guy at Samsung who decided that the Note 5 was not coming to Europe must be working for Apple, that’s the only reason I can see for this Really Incomprehensibly Stupid and Arrogant Decision, Shame on you Samsung !!!!!

  • I love the note for it helps to increase productivity. That it does imho mainly because of the s pen. And on top of that, so far the note does not have those nonsense rounded edges… Yes they look nice, but who the hell really needs such nick-nack-gimmicks when (s)he wants to be productive. So if you want me to buy a new generation galaxy, either bring the note 5 to europe or bring the s6 edge + without those ‘edges’ and with a stylus ….

    NOTE 5 NOTE 5 NOTE 5!

  • Thank you for showing your support. Your response has been recorded.
    I want to Note 5 to 64 GB. Will be very sorry if he is not received into the Russian market…. Heard that they will release it even with a hybrid slot… For me it would be perfect.. I Will wait! In Russia very sought after smart phones with 2 SIM cards. Releasing in the sale of his company in Russia would have won 85-90% of the inhabitants of the country. I really hope that my letter reaches its destination.
    Sincerely, Angelina!

  • As Samsung said, those who have a Note are the most fidel consumers of Samsung, so, do they really want to lose all those ones from eourope? I always have loved Samsung devices, but they have started to become bullshith, removing sd, waterproof, and those litle details samsung has been taking out, like the ir blaster, whas it really necessary really?
    Althougth Note 5 arrives to Europe, it would’nt be untill next year, and who wants a 4-month old phone? new and more powerfull are arround the corner.
    I have always been a fanboy of samsung, but I’m quite dissapointed

    • An in adittion, when people realise they have spent more money exlusively for the curves of galaxy s6 edge+ and those are useless they’ll be quite angry.
      I have always choose Note family beacuse that s pen made it different, whithout it, it becomes like all those others in the market. Samsung is shitting on himself

  • Samsung really messed up with the Note 5 (in fact, all the top end phones for 2015). Time to ditch and switch to LG, Motorola or Sony.

  • Bonjour je pense que ne pas commercialiser le note 5 en Europe est une tres grave erreur de Samsung pour leurs prochain produit qui risque d’etre boycoté.Alors revoyez votre descision…..FRANCE

  • Bye bye Samsung…..
    I’ve had practically all your flagship phones and Notes. However, with attitudes like this they only serve one purpose ~ negativity.
    I’m moving on to new pastures and would not come back to you even if you changed your mind.

  • Si Samsung ne veut pas commercialiser sont Note 5, dans ce cas on ira acheter le Huawei Mate 7 ou encore le nouveau Motorola Moto X style…qui sont vendus deux fois moins cher…et regorgent de fonctionnalités intelligentes et utiles. Samsung…vous n’allez tout de même pas penser et choisir à notre place !!! Ceux qui aiment la série Note ont de bonnes raisons…et j’en fais partie…alors pourquoi voulez-vous nous imposer un S6 Edge+ qui ne propose aucune valeur ajoutée contrairement au Note 5 qui niveau productivité est inégalé. Le S6 Edge+ offre un confort d’utilisation catastrophique du fait de son écran incurvé sur les deux côtés…et en ce qui me concerne le Design est important mais ne fait pas tout…
    Donc ne soyez pas suicidaires et faites une réunion de crise afin de revoir votre copie et de proposer aux européens le Note 5 que nous attendons tant…et surtout limogez votre Directeur commercial !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Correctif: Si Samsung ne veut pas commercialiser son Note 5, …………………………………………………

  • jattendais le note 5 et puis baammmm il ne sort pas en europe
    je dis bravo hein!!!
    on sen fout du edge plus
    note cest note et ca change pas
    jespere quils changeront didees parce que sinon on a tous qua changer vers dautres marques dans la concurrence

  • Well, Samsung’s strategy was to release the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ before Apple released their next iteration of the iPhone. This is a brilliant tactic – getting to market before Apple do. But then making the decision to only release the S6 Edge+ in Europe? Are they really naïve enough to believe that iPhone users will convert to this device as opposed to waiting for the next iPhone? In my own opinion, only the Galaxy Note 5 was capable of converting iPhone users. And now with an entire continent missing out on that device, Samsung have just handed it to Apple on a silver platter (Platter with curved edges, of course)

  • Why to buy a phone which is old after 6months with SW & firmware old after 1 – 1.5 year and cost like nice vacation for 2 weeks All-in in Caribbean? WHY.

  • After using an iPhone 5s for two and half years I had finally decided that it was time to switch it up. I had a close look at all the latest Samsung models such as s6, s6 edge, note 4 etc. However I was reluctant. I came to know the s6egde+ was also an option but I just didn’t like it. I think the whole idea of a stylus really caught my eye. I was eager for the launch for note 5 , only to be hugely disappointed ! I’m gutted!!

  • Je voulais acheter le note 5 pour remplacer le note 4 mais si Samsung ne le sort pas en Europe je vais aller voir là concurrence car j ai déjà un S6 edge en téléphone perso , je vais tous de même pas prendre un autre S6 en professionnel

  • Samsung wants us mobile users should switch to another brand ??? Memory card must withstand at least 128 GB, and built-in memory must be 32 GB. Camera should have a macro to, a 4500 large removably battery is also needed.

    Just saying if they do not want to lose customers.

    • Yes that macro mode for me for photos of receipts ,photographing info to convert to PDF using camscanner etc.

  • Very disapointed with Samsung. Was expecting Note5. It is unfair to note fan’s. I am considering changing phone brand.

  • This is terrible news, and I don’t say this lightly either. I conduct a lot of business here and although I am not European, but South African, I too feel that after the birth of the note bloodline back in 2011, that all Europeans have been screwed with this business decision or what Samsung says “It’s best for business”
    Many believe that the reason for this new direction from Samsung is based on not using the full extent of the built-in hardware and software that the Note 5 has to offer…..that could easily be debatable at best…….BUT!!!!…..if you truly want the Note 5, then just wait an extra month because South Africa will receive the giant in early to mid September this year. I will now sign the petition on behalf of Europe.

  • je pense que c’est peut être une erreur de stratégie
    mon note me permet de prendre des notes grace au stylet et ces fonctionnalités me conviennent alors quitte à changer pourquoi pas changer de marque également

  • I had all the note series and didn’t like at all their decisions. I will not beg for this phone come to the UK. It’s a crap anyway. What you gonna do with a very powerful phone but no offline storage memory (SD card)? Obviously no much, it’s useless.
    I’m taking everyone out which I have taken to buy Samsung products, and won’t buy anything from them as well. They treated us like rubbish.
    You guys should call out this petition and all change for the best phone that will come soon LG G4 pro.
    HTC have done the same mistake when they were the best phone few years ago. They try to challenge iPhone, but the point is;
    If you want a iPhone you don’t go and buy a Samsung or HTC look like.
    Now HTC has fallen badly, and samsung definitely will lose their position.
    Go and buy LG G4 pro . The device is a killer of iPhone and samsung.


    Don’t cry out for that piece of shit. They ignored us, so let’s do the same and don’t buy their products EVER.
    Besides that’s not a note. IR blaster gone, removable battery and expandable memory gone. Those were the features that defined the note.
    I think they know we won’t buy that crappie that’s why they excluded this huge region as they know weren’t gonna buy that. At least they have listened to us and don’t bring that piece of shit here in instead they’re using America as testers of their failure.

  • Note 5 not coming to Europe.

    Reason? We don’t use the pen.

    Truth? S6 failure in Europe as seen as going backwards for the following reasons:

    1- Non removable battery (reason is that phone will be dead with a trapped battery inside forcing you to buy another one in a couple of years).

    2-Non SD card (samsumg partnership with cloud means more money for them and less freedom for you) that’s all about with samsumg nowadays isn’t it?

    3- Smaller battery. Obviously as better hardware found on the phone ya? Yeah right.

    4- IR blaster gone. Who knows what is behind this.

    5- They took out features 1 to 4, but wait they keep the touchwiz, and other stupid features loaded in the phone no one hardly use.

    Now, all of that iphone bulshit copycat goes under the name of Note 5. Well let me tell you that mighty note series obviously til the note 4which were notoriously known for having those already mentioned features and made the series standout over the mediocrity kingdom around.

    Not ANYMORE ladies and gents, what we have here is an S6 with a Note 5 written on it. To add more to the insult, they do the unpacked 2015 also in London just to let us know that the entire region have been exclude because we don’t know or don’t want to use the pen. In instead they will launch the same pseudonote known as note 5 without the pen and with the edges called edge6+ or so. They say that’s the note 5 without a pen specially designed for the non literate Europeans.

    Now they have really screwed up, not selling it in Europe poses clearly out their own lack of confidence on the device as they know won’t be successful.

    Now they are going to lose more than 25% of loyal customers in Europe that will be fleeing their trust to other companies.

    Who is going to take that huge stake in a profitable market as Europe? Well not Sammy for sure.

  • Let the Galaxy S range be fancy iPhone rip off but Note range is for productivity. If you work for a food shop or supermarket you do not buy a fancy car to get your supply you buy a workhorse like a van or lorry for going to warehouse for stock. If your electrician/plumber you buy a small van or transit for your job not fancy car. The Note is the van/lorry etc i.e. suitable for the job in hand and a workhorse.

  • From a Buyer of all note series. 1, 2 3 and 4. also Galaxy S3. Well now. Bye Sammy. Here LG G4 Pro most welcome. my money will go for LG or ant suitable company. As pissed on european and non european customers. It’s time for All of us to show sammy if we all customers over the world pissed on entire Samsung company. beleive me samsung will be drowned in piss with their peace of shit lack of Sd. non removable battery and over all the Pen Gate.

  • J’avais le note 3 et 4, j’attendais le 5 avec impatience tout à coup Samsung a merder.
    J’ai juste une chose à dire à Samsung, ça m’intéresse pas d’avoir et j’achèterai jamais tes téléphone de merde s6 ou s6 edge plus de mes couille avec écrans incurvé qui sert à rien à mes yeux.
    Ok Samsung paye mon trajet pour que j’aille chercher en Italie.

  • I’ve been loyal to Sammy in the past. 9 phones and 3 TVs for our family. Looks like I will finally give Apple a shot if in September Samsung hasn’t opened the Note 5 to Europe. Very disappointing, and dare I say even discriminatory!

  • Best phone that I have ever had is a Note 3 and 4, although the note 5 it’s really cool it’s a shame they took away some of the best features!….

  • Je suis sur note 2. Je saute toujours une où deux générations pour changer de portable. Et la pas de note 5 !
    Si samsung ne change pas d’avis je changerais de marque…

  • Il samsung note e il miglior telefono al mondo non possono farmi questo. Mi anno deluso io a casa a tutto della samsung. Perchè inansi tutto si erano fattibbella publicità con il note e poi o comprato le altre cose. Se non lo vederanno piu io cambiero marca di tutti i miei eletrodomestici e iniziero a fare cattiva publicità

  • Décevant de la part de Samsung moi j’ai le Edge 64 mais dans mon métiers j’ai besoin de prendre les RDV de mes clients, c’est pour ça que j’attends la sortie du note 5, j’ai toujours u des note, moi je dirais que se géant ne veux pas vendre en Europe faisons un bloquse que l’Europe n’achète plus leurs S6,S6 Edge et Edge + la on va voir comment le géant Samsung va réagir, je penses que c’est la seule des solutions.

  • Thanks sammy.
    I finally sold my note 4 and got my bucks into a g4. Found three updates and 5.1 android that my note 4 didn’t have, excellent battery life. And so good looking phone with the leather at the back. Also I found all the uncool granny staff where I work use sammies.
    I think sammy lost all the appeal that android can bring. And is a thing of the past. Good luck but my new ultra hd tv is not samsung but lg. Sweeet…

  • The simple fact is that Samsung refused to release the Note 5 in order to push the S6 Edge+, they didn’t want the Note 5 to cannibalize the S6 Edge+ sales. To say its related to the lack of use of the S-pen by Europeans is ridiculous! How many times has a salesperson tried to sell you something you will never need nor ever use? Exactly!

    The use of the S-pen is probably reported secretly from existing Note 1/2/3/4 users (recording when the pen is drawn), nevertheless I’m sure people in Europe use it, and I’m almost certain it is not the reason the Note 5 didn’t come to Europe.

    I can’t understand the decisions over at Samsung, who cares about curved screens? I certainly don’t. If I want a good looking phone I’d buy the iPhone in a heartbeat!, for its originality and ease of everyday use and not the silly curved screen, obviously not affordability.

    There is a rumor that 2nd week of October will see the release of Note 5, take it with a pinch of salt as nothing official has been said.

    If the Note 5 is released in Europe, before buying I urge you to watch youtube movies on the Note5 teardowns, how difficult it will be to replace the simplest of things, i.e. charge port which I have replaced on the Note 2 and 3.

    Also the Note 5 has an aggressive daemon to terminate background processes, although the iPhone 6 (not s) is slower, it outperforms the Note 5 with background task retrieval, see the youtube reviews. This aggressive process terminator “Saves Battery” 🙂 , because Samsung shrunk the battery 🙂

    It really is unfortunate, they pushed the S6+ release early to counter iPhone 6s, I anticipate this will backfire, iPhone 6s/plus is going to sell very well in *all* category 1 regions (hint Samsung) –> Europe.

    Just searching for iPhone 6s plus in google returns sponsored Ads by Samsung “Awkward. You’ve Still Not – samsung.com‎” – “Heard? Now There’s An Even Bigger Reason To Choose The Galaxy S6 Edge” – try it, search “iphone 6s plus awekward” (I know awkward is misspelled, but the search term does not include Samsung or any Samsung device) – now try “lg G4 awekward” – Nothing! – Sad 🙁

    I will continue to rock my Note 3, could get a Note 4 but feel kinda betrayed and just don’t want to help shift Samsung stock. Many work colleagues have jumped over to the iPhone 6+ from Note 3/4 – I can’t – I just can’t justify the cost/hardware/value ratio. – Who knows, maybe with an Apple Pencil / iPhone 7 the Samsung Note will become a thing of the past!

  • J’veux le note 5 ! , j’ai toujours eu des note du premier jusqu’au 4 , j’ai jamais été déçu ! Mais la samsung me déçoi trop , si ils ne change pas d’avis , j’me tourne vers apple .

  • I hope note 5 won’t come to Europe.
    Show some character and don’t beg to somebody who has already deny us for their products There are several better choices out there.
    Sell all your sammy goods you have and switch to LG, sony, huawei or anything else. Ditch their crap and let uncool sammy be a thing on the past.
    Trust me I see sammy maybe one of the uncoolest phones to go for. And I think their cool days when having a samsumg was cool are long gone.
    People I can see everyday with sammies don’t seem to know much about phones.
    Sammy is a thing of the past. I am done with them and you guys should show some integrity and character and give other brands a try. You want regret.

  • Why you dont release Samsung in europe?
    Thats non sense. If releasing a Phone its gonna be all over the world .well its your loss Samsung Company thats your loss of money

  • Je suis vraiment plus que déçu que le note 5 ne sorte pas en europe. On me propose de prendre le S6 edge + mais c’est hors de question, j’utilise le stylet tous les jours et je trouve cela vraiment pratique. Le Note Edge me direz vous ???? Mais non plus, je ne vais pas prendre un mobile qui ne va pas évoluer car il a déjà été annoncé qu’il n’y aurait pas de version 2….
    Alors messieurs les coréens, merci de revoir votre copie et de le commercialiser en france (ou du moins en europe)…..

    • If Samsung want to ditch us in Europe then good luck to them my next mobile is going to be the Sony Z5 bye bye Samsung ☆☆☆ !!!

  • Come home from Zambia a week ago, (sales of which NOTE 5) where people can barely afford to buy this phone in any scale (price was where approximately 9,500 Kwatcha Approx 9.000 sec). Expect to buy one when I got home, imagine my surprise, not sold here …. disaster … not for me personally but WHY !!!

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