• Fabric v PU Leather – Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Cases

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    Fabric_PU_S6_CaseaIf you are in the market for a case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, opting for Samsung’s own cases may mean a slightly higher purchase price, but you can be assured of a good fit and premium quality.

    There are quite a few options when it comes to cases for either device.  Samsung have given many different case styles, in different colours and in different fabrics.

    The Flip Wallet cover and S-View cover come in both ‘fabric’ and ‘PU Leather’ finishes.

    Do be aware, a case for the S6 is not compatible with the S6 Edge, both have their own range of cases.

    What does this really mean?

    Whilst the colour choices are perhaps a little more self explanatory, the two different fabrics result in different looks, feeling and longevity.

    PU Leather is not genuine leather.  It has been treated in such a way that it gives a consistent look and feel with a longer lasting ‘like-new’ look.  Real leather is considerably more expensive and does not offer the same consistency, thus one persons case may look slightly different to others.

    The use of PU Leather like the fabric means there is a consistent look to the material and what one person receives would look the same as another.

    PU leather has more of a shine to it and is more resistant to scuffing and marks. It can be wiped clean.


    Fabric on the other hand is made from the sorts of fabrics we could expect our clothes to be made from although the way it is woven leaves a slightly different texture and look.

    The fabric is much firmer to the touch with more texture than PU leather, which is much smoother.  PU has a grain to it but it is considerably less pronounced.  It shows up more obviously in black than it does a white case.


    I personally feel the fabric case is slightly more grippy.


    Dust will likely be more obvious on a fabric case but will be harder to clean compared to the PU cases.  Whereas a greasy mark will show more on PU but will be simple to wipe clean.

    The fabric cases appear more resilient to scratching from a key or coins than the PU.

    Every individuals users wear and tear will differ.  If the phone is kept in a shirt pocket, trouser pocket or bag, all have different effects. Even the colour of the fabric can have an impact on how long the case will look new for.

    Which is right for you is personal opinion, but we hope our hands on testing and explanation of the differences will assist.

    Be sure to take a good look at our hands on photos that show the differences in grain and look to the cases.

    Want to see the full range of S6 and S6 Edge cases? Click HERE.


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