• Moto Hint Review – Earpieces can be cool

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    The Moto Hint, do you get it?

    There are many earbuds out there, none quite as good as what the Moto Hint can offer you. I’ve never been one to use a Bluetooth headset but after a couple of weeks with the Moto Hint I’m sold. I’ve had a giggle to myself when I’ve seen someone walking down the street having a conversation with that thing in their ear, Bluetooth earpieces have never been cool but the Moto Hint could well change that.

    One of the perks that the Moto Hint offers you is the fact it doesn’t look like a Bluetooth earpiece, he’s considerably smaller than the conventional ones you’ll see men in suits chatting away  to as part of a tail back on the M25, or what the delivery driver has glued to his ear whilst dropping off your latest online purchase.

    The Moto Hint is something you’ll want to use, just like the Moto Assist features on the Moto X 2014 model; it’ll bring you an added value feature to your mobile world. How? Read on and find out.

    Ultimately the Moto Hint will work at its best if you have a Moto X. Just as if I were using my Moto X to perform a simple task like calling my wife, doing a Google search I’ll use my wake up command, in my case it’s “Hey Professor X” and with no physical interaction with the Moto Hint or my phone I can ask ‘What’s new?’ and any notifications will be read back to me, I can navigate home or open a video on YouTube.

    IMG_20141215_135618 (1)

    Not much action but plenty of conversation

    The only physical interaction I need to have with the Moto Hint is to put it in my ear, from there the sensors know when it’s landed and turns on automatically, a female voice will give you an idea as to how long the battery will last and from there calls will be pushed to the Hint. Remove the Hint and it turns itself off and everything goes back to your phone.

    Android has a very powerful personal assistant in Google Now and if you own a Sony Z3, a HTC One M8 you can still utilise the power of Google Now, the only difference being you need to tap the capacitive button on the Hint to start the voice control. Even if you own an iPhone the Moto Hint will still work, just not as good as Google Now will work with Android and no way will it trump what the Moto X can do.

    Being such a tiny fella I was concerned that I’d lose the Hint on my travels, even on my bike cycling in to Clove HQ I managed to use the Hint to guide me in and, yes I know the way but if I was heading somewhere that I was unsure as to the location it would be good to have Google Now and Moto Hint working in tandem. Before I took to the streets I tried out the gels included to get the best fit.

    When asking a question the Moto Hint has worked extremely well in getting it right first time. As with the Moto 360 dictating a text message can be hit and miss, until you both get used to each other you may want to check what you’re actually sending to someone, once it has gone there is no getting it back. With the capability to use the Moto Hint in a different room from your phone, it can be used up to 150 feet which is impressive.


    What’s cooler than being cool?

    The Moto Hint sure packs some features but it also comes with the cool factor pre-installed, it sells itself by not looking like an earpiece, it’s discreet but packs a big punch. Even charging the Hint involves a nifty charger than can be taken with you and is charged up via the micro USB slot to the bottom.

    To charge on the go wirelessly, simply insert earbud into case and close, to charge case and earbud via wire, plug in the case using the included micro-USB cable. It also has a snazzy light that will indicate that the Hint is charging. Even the carry-come-charging case looks good. As for time, fully charged the Moto Hint will get you around five hours of use, if you talk a lot expect to charge roughly around the 3 hour mark. The carry case will get you a further 10 and if you haven’t got a Moto X with the always listening feature, you should pick up more.

    IMG_20141215_134825419Have you got the Hint?

    If you are looking for an earpiece that will work all day without being charged then probably not. The carry case does let you take it further and when not in use plugging it in is hassle free however don’t you’re not going to be able to use it. Should you be looking for a device that can take a few calls, chuck some questions like how many pounds in a stone and the like the Moto Hint will be the perfect companion, with the Moto X it all you need is your voice to get most things done without even taking your phone out of your pocket.

    What sets it apart from other devices out there is the voice activation, it looks good and won’t stand out like many other Bluetooth headsets out there. With wearables becoming more commonplace, the Moto Hint will draw more questions than ridicule. If you have a Moto X then there is no question, you have to get one.

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  • This is a pretty nice earpiece. You’d look like a secret agent with it in the ear in the middle of the street. Makes you look cool. Though I’d like to just set it up and forget about it. Battery life is very important to me.

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