• Huge price drop on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact – down to £349 inc. VAT

    By Chris Ward , September 11, 2014 - Leave a comment

    Sony xperia z3 compact price dropWe’ve got great news for prospective Sony Xperia Z3 Compact customers: we’ve just slashed its pre-launch price tag from £432 inc. VAT to £349 inc. VAT.

    This price change will be applied to both new and existing orders. If you’ve already placed an order with us for the Z3 Compact we will adjust it to the updated price for you and refund the difference.

    Click here to place an order for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact on the Clove website

    Previously the Z3 Compact was priced at £360 (£432 inc. VAT), but it’s now down to just £290.83 (£349 inc. VAT). That’s an incredible saving on what promises to be a great handset.

    The first stock of the Z3 Compact is expected to arrive towards the end of this month in Black, White and Red options.

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    • Hi boo Jay, yes, Clove will have the ‘global’ edition D5803.
      This has support for:
      3G: 850, 900, 1700, 1900, 2100 MHz
      4G LTE: Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 13, 17, 20
      So you should be able to connect to any Canadian (or USA) network

    • Haha *Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in…*
      It’s a tempting price for sure and 100% confirmed.
      Nice link too, I like the pause when capturing video & record on-screen features, didn’t know about those

    • Hi Nick, yes Sony have dropped their pre-order list price to retailers.
      Whether it stays this low after launch we can’t say for sure. We hope it does but can’t give any guarantees

    • Hello Ana, the green model will be exclusive to a network provider in the UK. I doubt it will be available SIM free until a few months after launch

  • does “global” includes warranty and working with mobile operators in turkey, ‘cos instead of sony’s e-shop I will be ordering here I guess 🙂

    • Hi Halil, unfortunately not. The warranty would only be guaranteed in the UK & Europe.
      The phone would work correctly with Turkish operators without issue, however if you had any problems with the phone then it would probably be best to contact us and ship to the UK for warranty here. If Sony in Turkey would take the device, they might still charge to as ‘out of territory’. Of course it is quite rare that phones go wrong.

  • Are you able to elaborate on how Clove is able to offer this handset at a price so much lower than it is available anywhere else?
    I am slightly apprehensive that if I order this phone, come release time, I will get an email stating that the £349 price was incorrect (and requiring the difference be paid or order be cancelled). By this point I would have missed out on the opportunity to take advantage of any of the other pre-release deals available (such as the £1 MDR-NC31EM headphones).

    I was hoping that you could shed some light on how Clove can offer this at a price significantly less than Sony or Amazon. Have you confirmed the prices Sony has given you in case they haven’t accidentally given you a VAT exclusive price and stated it is VAT inclusive?

    Many thanks.

    • Hi Shaun, this is an understandable request for information.

      We have no understanding exactly why, but Sony significantly dropped their list price to retailers a couple of days after Apple’s iPhone 6 announcement. Make of that what you will.
      We have very close to ties to Sony’s UK marketing team and they gave us the green light to drop the retail price to £349. Whether Sony raise their list price after launch day (meaning we would have to raise the retail price for new stock) is their prerogative.

      Personally I believe Sony are losing money on the sales made by Clove and some of our competitors at this price, which is why their own direct price remains higher, albeit with special pre-order offers to sweeten the deal. To them though, getting the phone in people’s hands over the iPhone 6 may be more important in the long run. It’s possibly a sales volume / revenue risk assessment on their part. Whatever the reason, it makes for a great offer to consumers!
      I can’t comment on Amazon’s price, my initial thought is that maybe they are buying directly from Sony international and not their UK distribution arm. That or they simply don’t care about the list price of one product in the grand scheme of things. Amazon aren’t exactly small after all…

      I can 100% guarantee that the price of 349 is VAT inclusive and guaranteed until launch day. If you’re also interested in the noise cancelling headphones, our list price for those is £39.99, again significantly cheaper than Sony’s direct sale listing of £51. You can view them here in Black or White

    • hello every one
      do you know why it is cheaper on amazon it costs 369 is it with the same quality and options

      • Hi Moh, this post is from September, we have now reduced again to £335 including VAT until this stock runs out.
        We are cheaper than Amazon simply because we have negotiated a very competitive deal with Sony UK due to our close relationship with them.

  • hi about the green version, why is it available free-sim on Sony’s website but not on yours while you said it will be only available in the UK with a contract? Thanks

    • Hi Clement, it Sony’s stock so they choose what to do with it.
      I have rechecked the details and the green is only available SIM free directly from Sony or from Carphone Warehouse who sell inside the UK only.
      The special price of £349 is not available at either place. Otherwise it can be purchased on contract.

  • Hi,

    who would we contact if we did need to use the warranty? Sony directly?

    And would they ask us to provide proof of purchase? I.e. would they need Clove’s say-so before fulfilling their warranty?

    Sorry about the grilling, it’s just I had a bad experience with ebay 🙁

    • Hi Johnny, I’m assuming you’re in the UK? If so you can go to Sony directly.
      When you provide your phone’s IMEI number and purchase date, this is usually enough, although you might need to supply a copy of the invoice we provide to verify the purchase date if approaching the end of the 2 years.
      If you don’t want to go to Sony directly then you can always send the phone through us. It adds a few extra days with postage, however we can deal with the booking on your behalf and pick a day to send back that suits you

      • hi, thanks for your quick detailed replies. just a few more things. 1) do you have any contact details for sony incase something does go wrong? 2) is there any update on the bundles? will we still have to wait for them? and finally, 3) is it possible to change the billing address to a different home? i dont have a place of work as i am a student you see. thanks

        • The standard UK rate line for Sony Mobile support is 03705 237237. You can also book in phones through their web support portal.
          The next batch of bundles is likely to be with us next week, we’re just waigin on a shipping confirmation from Sony distribution.
          The billing address should be where your card is registered. If using PayPal it should be the primary address on your verified PayPal account. If the delivery address differs to this then you may be asked to complete an additional security check by our processing team

  • Well, you’ve suckered me in. I have to wait until Monday to order unfortunately 🙁 Can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy.

    Speaking of, can I call the number on the homepage and order over the phone? I’ve a bit of a paranoia about putting bank details over the net.

    And when can I expect delivery? The times given on that delivery explanation page were a bit sketchy.

    Thanks again.

    • Hello Suhail, the warranty will not be valid in India. It is only valid in the UK and EU countries where the phone is officially on sale.
      If you do experience any issue with the phone then Sony India might help, although if they do any work would likely be charged for.
      In most cases you would need to ship the phone back to us in the UK for warranty support / repair

  • I’ve been waiting for about 3 weeks for my case and car charger, and it still hasn’t arrived. Whenever I call in I’m told it’s a week away. Is there an update on this?

    Also, there’s a constant message in the top of my screen saying “internal memory is almost full”. Yet whenever I check, there’s only about 1.2GB taken up. Not many running apps either. Is there a solution to this?

    Other than these 2 issues, great stuff!

    • Hi Johnny, the free accessory situation is going on far longer than we would have liked and we are frustrated here too.
      We are still waiting on Roxfit to manufacture and deliver more of the cases to us, we effectively depleted their entire UK stock run due to demand for the Z3 Compact.
      Rest assured they will be with you as soon as we receive them.
      As for the storage issue – have you ensured the phone is completely up to date? I used to get a similar message from my Z Ultra, eventually I got rid of it by updating every app then clearing out the system cache from the settings.

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