• Sony Xperia Z3 gets wireless charging with WCR14 wireless charging cover

    By Jon , September 10, 2014 - Leave a comment

    Sony-Xperia_Z3_WCR14_Wireless_Charge_Cover (3)Sony are set to offer Qi wireless charging on the Xperia Z3 in the form of the WCR14 wireless charging cover which will be available in both Black and White.

    The lack of wireless charging is quite possibly one of the biggest disappointments on the Z3 smartphone.  Whilst a magnetic charging connector and optional dock go some way to doing away for this need, Qi charging for many is a real bonus.

    The downside of adding Qi charging to the Z3 is that it is not a simple back cover replacement like it would be on a Samsung smartphone, it is a case with Qi built in.

    An official accessory, made specifically for the Z3 (not the Z3 Compact) the WCR14 cases are due to be available around the time of launch of the Z3 itself, at the end of September.

    The cost of the case will be £59.99 including VAT, but as well as adding wireless charging it will also protect your device and allow you to sit it in landscape mode so there is extra added value.

    Sony-Xperia_Z3_WCR14_Wireless_Charge_Cover (11)

    The case will be compatible with all Qi enabled wireless charging pads, but Sony do offer their own, the WCH10 which was released earlier this year to pair with the WCR12 for the Z2, but they never came to market in the end.

    If you are into your Sony products and contemplating either the WCR14 or WCH10, you might be interested to know that the new BSP10 Bluetooth speaker can also use the WCH10 as a charging pad so a bundle of the three might make for a more cost effective solution.

    Due in at the end of September, you can order a White or Black coloured WCR14 case from Xperia specialists, Clove, here.


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  • “Whilst a magnetic charging connector and optional dock go some way to doing away for this need,”

    It goes all the way, no different than using a wireless charging dock.
    And there’s less battery damaging heat than using induction charging.

    • I agree with you on the heat issue, my Nexus 4 got red hot when using the wireless charging to the point where it shut down. Admittedly that’s an extreme example but battery degradation remains a problem with many Qi applications.

      The only time I can see it being better is in external environments where you won’t have a dock or to make things look tidy. Coffee shops with Qi charging plates for example, or fitting a Qi plate under the surface of a desk.

      There’s a market for wireless charging but I think Sony were right to make Qi an optional extra

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