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    By Jon , August 30, 2014 - Leave a comment

    HomescreenI am well aware that many of you who are reading this are smartphone fans who love to test,  find and try new technology.  So if I were to ask are you constantly tweaking your setup? Your answer would probably be yes.

    However you, me or your next door neighbour will always be tweaking a little bit with app additions etc, but do you have a a setup that sort of works best for you?

    Do you have apps organised in folders? Do you have home screen dedicated to apps? Is it a clean or cluttered layout?

    If you were to switch to a new phone, would the layout be the same? Would this be one of your first jobs or would you play about with features before organising the layout the way you like it.

    Considering I am normally quite organised I am not happy with my home screen layout, I need to spend some time to make it work better for me.  However I currently have a messy, but organised setup.

    My main screen has the time, search, and key apps, with some organised in a folder.

    I have another home screen dedicated to contacts for speed dialling, another to my calendar and then another for other regular apps.

    So what is your home screen setup like? Do you care to share? Are you constantly tweaking?


    Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future. Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants.


  • Not especially, no. I usually throw Nova on the phone, bring it down to a single home screen with dashclock, and set up the apps I commonly use in folders in the dock. I do root, but as far as I get into that is Xposed modules.

    • Thanks Charles for the comments. Although you are not constantly tweaking, it sounds like you have decided on what your preferred setup really is.

  • Like above no matter which phone I have I always put Nova as the launcher of choice.
    Part because it allows me to have more icons than a standard a launcher, part because I can make the widgets literally overlap each other, part because it gives greater control from the Home Screen and part as I love to use Gestures to launch Apps and do things instead of having icons everywhere.

    • Hi Mike, I toyed with Nova on a Nexus 4 a while back and found it very clean, although I didn’t go that in depth with it.
      I’m looking at rooting and refreshing my Xperia Z Ultra soon though, so it might be something I take a look at again. Do you think it would do well with the 6.4″ screen size & 1080p resolution? Sony’s stock launcher allows for 6 columns of icons on the Ultra’s silly display, would Nova give me that too?

      • Hi Josh,
        You would have absolutely no problem getting more columns and rows with a 6.4″ 1080p screen.
        E.G. On both a Sony Z2 and an LG G3 I have Nova set with a Desktop Grid of 8 Rows & 7 Colums. If you look at my screen grab above you will see it does not give any issues whatsoever.

        Don’t forget, with Nova and Widgets you can turn off padding to stretch a widget to max before then altering it’s size. Plus you can then either bring a widget to the front or send it to the back, ideal for when you want to have two or more widgets overlapping each other or putting an icon on top of a widget.
        The reason being all too often widgets have a lot of wasted space. So by using Nova you can place them as close as you wish to one another which gets more out of your space and gets looks of astonishment from those unfamiliar with what Nova brings to the screen.

        • Cheers for that Mike, enlightening.

          I have some powerful, paid-for custom widget apps somewhere in my Google Play history from when I had a Nexus 4. I remember they used to give me a lot of control over information that was being displayed and on-press actions, although the placement was always a little off.

          Is there a particular set of widgets or tools you find useful or just fun to play with? I’m not averse to paying a few quid to completely revamp my interface after I root

          • Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier Josh, was busy picking up the wife’s new car this afternoon (Jon may remember from a tweet I made back in April when we ordered it for her).
            Anyway, to answer your question, my favourite widget has to be HD Widgets with both the Kairo and Glass Gems add ons. See my first post for the screen grab.
            Other than that I also use Zooper Widget Pro which again appears on my screen grab (the battery level in this case).
            If you need any help feel free to fire away.

          • Ta – From memory I think I have both Zooper and HD in my purchase history so I’ll have to hunt them down.
            I remember playing with them a lot a couple of years ago so I expect they’ve been updated since. Time for a refresher soon, however clean it is Sony’s stock look is starting to bore me 🙂

  • #offtopic ~ Hi Jon, Oh yes….. All I saw was a big smile, especially when she saw her name on the Handover Card and again when they pulled off the black sheet covering it.
    The icing on the cake was the lovely freebies. Even I got a free £37 MB Leather Wallet for just being there…. that and it was my signature on the purchase 🙂

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