Sony tease IFA announcements #xperiadetails

Sony have begun to tease us ahead of IFA next week.

The 1 minute video does not tell us a great deal, but if you analyse the video you will get some clues.

The first is at the beginning, the numbers count up 1, 2 and then finish on 3. ¬†Interesting that there has been the Xperia Z, Z1 and Z2….

At 5 seconds a woman in the video creates a triangle using her hand. Any link to the fact Xperia products are PlayStation mobile certified?

There is a lot of intimation of social, sport and fitness.

Mentions of powerful and keep going may refer to processor speeds and good battery life.

There is then reference to a lot of colours and water.  Reference to colour options on future handsets and the fact they are IP rated?

Via: Xperiablog

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  1. I’d bet a new activity tracker, what with the swimming/skateboarding/etc in the video.

  2. Sony’s dropping support for Playstation mobile from 4.4.3 up, and I’d guess anything new would run 4.4.4, so the triangle’s probably not for that. Hopefully we’ll see the mid-size tablet and a Z3 compact. I really love how light the Z2 tablet is, and hopefully they’ll bring some of that feel to a 8in device. For me, the Compact only really needs more RAM, to save background apps from unloading themselves, and the more responsive Z2-type side buttons. I guess we’ll get more pixels, but not sure if we really need them