LG G3 – Optical Image Stablisation Plus (OIS+)

LG_G3_Shine_Gold_Hands_On6No doubt you have been left with the utter disappointment at some time in your life, where you have captured an image, only to review it and find that it is all blurred because there has been shake in the camera at the time of capture.  What is worse is that sometimes, we may not notice this until it is too late and re-taking the picture is just not an option.

A technology that has existed in many cameras for some time is something called Optical Image Stablisation (OIS). OIS is the process of reducing the blur or motion in images that comes from pan and tilting of the camera lens.

In the simplest sense the lens and sensors in the camera compensate for the movement and adjust to ensure a blur free image.

There are not that many smartphones that have it, but the LG G2 is one, and now the new G3 has it too, albeit improved.

You can expect a 20% improvement in stabilisation from the G2 to the G3, thanks to OIS+.

The following graphic gives a visual representation of how OIS+ works. You can see the movement in the lens and sensor based on information from the gyro sensor to accommodate for the motion and help reduce the impact in the final image.


Many avid photographers criticise smartphone manufacturers for not including this technology in more handsets, but LG seem committed and the impact should be better images from the G3.  Here are a few images we captured on the G3.

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  1. Lindsay Reid says:

    Was this article dictated into Google voice? “and now the new G3 has it to all be it improved” SHOULD say “and now the new G3 has it too, albeit improved”

    Sorry to be a pedant but sloppy English really grates!