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    By Jon , July 9, 2014 - Leave a comment

    LG_G3_Wireless_Charging_standOut of the box, with no need for expensive accessories, you have the capability to charge the LG G3 without having to attach cables to the handset itself.  The technology is known as wireless charging. Sony and Samsung equivalents require a replacement back cover or case purchase to enable this.

    You do need a wireless charging plate to do this, but any Qi (pronounced chee) plate will work, but if you purchase your G3 from Clove, you get the official LG WCD-100 charging plate included in the price*.

    Priced at £59.99 this official charger acts as a stand for the G3. Sit the device in portrait orientation on to the stand and providing the stand is connected to mains power, it will begin charging the G3 or any other Qi enabled smartphone.

    White in colour the stand folds away for convenient storage and transportation.

    The WCD-100 for the G3 can be ordered here, or is included free* with any G3 order from Clove.

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    *Offer for free wireless charger correct at time of publication. Subject to change.


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    • Still waiting on the first shipment Mike. LG have delayed to the UK, hoping they’re with us in the next week or so as we’ve got plenty of customers after their free ones!

      • Thanks Josh.
        Yes, when it comes to accessories they do need to learn from the likes of Sony who released a bang of items BEFORE the Z2 was pushed out.
        I’ve also had quite a few asking me about both the two Quick Circle Cases (snap on and back replacement) which is again another accessory LG have been slow to provide.

        • Just had word through from LG’s accessory distributor in the UK.
          Unfortunately we might be waiting until August for all of these now, LG might be trying to emulate Samsung a little too closely :/

          • It truly amazes me how manufacturers continue to fail in having everything in place at the correct time. It only serves to show their inaccuracy in timings.
            Just how difficult can it be, especially with it having the manufacturers stamp?

          • It does make things very difficult for everyone, especially when the free charger offer was authorised by LG themselves.
            There are a number of factors in play which can affect stock delivery into the UK, sometimes there just happens to be a ‘perfect storm’ of issues all at once.
            We are speaking to our contacts at LG and their distribution hubs to see if we can speed the process up, at least for the chargers if nothing else.

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