• Moto G 4G due week commencing June 23rd

    By Josh Bethell , June 16, 2014 - Leave a comment

    Motorola’s popular budget phone gets an update in time for Summer.

    Motorola_Moto_G_4G_Black_WhiteThe original Moto G launched last year to great critical acclaim, considerably lowering the barrier to entry for a high quality device.

    Since then Motorola have seen fit to disrupt the market again with the even cheaper, yet still highly functional Moto E.

    Now to complement this range, the original G is being updated to include 2 new features. The clue is in the name for the first improvement – 4G capabilities. With 4G rolling out at an increasing rate in the UK, more and more mid range handsets have been adding support. This now makes the new Moto G 4G one of the cheapest and most functional 4G capable devices on the market.

    Secondly is the inclusion of a micro SD card slot. Whilst a minor addition it is a very welcome one, allowing you to store far more pictures, music & video. This addition means that the new Moto G 4G will only have one memory variant, the base storage is confirmed at 8GB.

    We are now expecting first stock of the new Moto G 4G during next week, commencing the 23rd. The price is set at £159, place an order or register your interest on our retail site today.


    Josh Bethell

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