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    LG G3Full specification and pricing on the new LG flagship

    Everything’s happened very quickly regarding the new LG G3; from leaks to teaser videos and now official announcement and pricing.

    LG have confirmed the official specification at their unveiling event in London tonight, which includes a number of expected details. Before getting into the fine details we can take a look at the key features:

    • Android 4.4 KitKat
    • 2.46 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 AC
    • 5.5″ 1440 x 2560 (534 PPI) Quad HD screen
    • 13 MP main camera with laser autofocus module / 2.1 front-facing camera
    • 2 GB RAM / 16 GB storage / 128 GB micro SD support
    • LTE / Wi-Fi / NFC / BT 4.0 / SlimPort / USB Host & OTG
    • 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm
    • 3,000 mAh battery
    • Shine Gold & Metallic Black colours

    Two standout features from this specification are the screen and camera. With a 5.5 inch screen, the G3 is a behemoth of a handset, although with LG’s design choices in moving the hardware buttons to the rear of the phone, we end up with super-thin bezels that make the whole device only a couple of mm bigger than a Galaxy S5.

    The screen resolution is incredible also. Where some will wonder why we need a QHD 2K screen on a phone, others will be just as quick to say why not! It seems inevitable that other major manufacturers will  have to follow suit in their next round of devices, leaving LG able to claim the crown for highest PPI in the category this year.

    The laser autofocus module is an interesting  development too. The 13 MP main camera module common in other flagships will undoubtedly take very high quality images, so differentiating in the focus speed could be a very savvy move.

    Place your order now

    Pricing and release dates have already been confirmed from LG, so Clove are pleased to announce we are now taking paid orders on our retail site; you can also register for email updates from this page.

    First stock is expected to be available by the end of June, with Clove hopefully shipping first orders by July 1st.

    The price has been set at £499 (£415.83 ex-VAT) for both the Metallic Black and Shine Gold colour options.

    Also soon to be available is the new QuickCircle Case, expected in a range of complementary colours.

    Press Release

    Read on for the full press release.



    New G3 Builds on Legacy of the Acclaimed G Series with “Simple is the New Smart”

    LONDON,May 27, 2014LG Electronics (LG) today introduced to the world its eagerly anticipated G3 smartphone, the successor to the company’s well-received LG G2. With launch events taking place in six cities worldwide — London, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul — LG G3 aims to redefine the definition of a global smartphone for global customers.

    Developed under the Simple is the New Smart concept, LG G3 is a culmination of consumer research based on LG’s product development philosophy, Learning from You. The LG G3 was empowered with the best of what current technology has to offer, providing consumers with a user experience more ambitious than anything offered before by LG.

    The smartest innovation in a fast evolving smartphone market is creating harmony between advanced technology and a simplified user experience,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “LG G3 is the result of our effort to actualise that idea into a tangible product. And we are extremely pleased with the result.”

    Highlights of the new G3 include:

    • 5.5-inch Quad HDdisplay with 538ppi with four times theresolution of HD and almost two times higher resolution than a Full HD display

    • 13MP OIS+ (Optical Image Stabiliser Plus) camera with a revolutionary Laser Auto Focus that can shoot stunningly sharp images in a fraction of the time required by conventional phone cameras

    • Polished metallic skin on the rear cover that is lightweight, fingerprint-proof and most of all, beautiful

    • Floating Arc form factor that feels incredibly comfortable in one hand and incorporates the innovative design heritage of the Rear Key

    • Redesigned graphic user interface (GUI) consistent with the Simple is the New Smart concept of the G3

    True-to-Life Viewing Experience

    LG’s reputation in the display arena is second to none and the development of the G3’s breathtaking Quad HD display was the result of years of innovation in display technology. With a pixel density of 538ppi, the G3’s Quad HD display sets a new viewing standard, producing images that are sharper and clearer than traditional smartphone displays. At 5.5-inches, LG G3 boasts a screen ratio of 76.4 percent with thin bezels all around so the phonefeels as comfortable in the hand as a smaller traditional smartphone.

    The high resolution display on the G3 also required LG engineers to pair it with battery technology that was just as innovative. LG equipped the G3 with a 3,000mAh removable battery and advanced optimisation technologies to further maximise battery efficiency. By replacing the metal in the battery cathode with graphite, LG engineers were able to extend the lifespan of the G3’s battery. The result is a battery that can keep up with the Quad HD display’s ultra-high performance without losing steam in the middle of the day.

    Simply Captivating

    The G3’s advanced 13MP OIS+ camera is designed to quickly and easily capture life’s special moments as they occur, not necessarily when you want them to occur. This is made possible with G3’s innovative Laser Auto Focus, the first of its kind in the smartphone industry. This technology enables the G3 to capture the best moment — even in low light — by measuring the distance between the subject and the camera using a laser beam.Combined with the proven and popular OIS+ technology first seen in the G Pro 2, the G3 is sure to impress even the most discerning shutterbugs.

    LG also simplified the process of actually capturing those special moments. Rather than having to focus on the subject in preview mode and then pressing the shutter button, with the G3, tapping the subject to focus will simultaneously also trigger the shutter. What’s more, the G3’s 2.1MP front camera incorporates several new enhancements such as a larger image sensor and larger aperture for more light throughput and better-looking selfies. A unique twist has been added to the standard timed selfie mode by incorporating gesture controls — when ready to shoot, simply clench your hand into a fist and the G3 will recognise the gesture and begin the automatic three-second countdown. It couldn’t get any simpler than that.

    For video, the G3 offers superior sound quality with instinctive microphones that measure theenvironment to identify the optimal audio level for the clearest recording. And with the built-in 1W speaker with Boost AMP, users can enjoy videos and musicaccompanied by richer sounds and clearer tones.

    Balanced andSimplified Design Language

    The Floating Arc design of the G3 with its ergonomic arch and slim side profile provides an extremely comfortable grip for everyday one-handed use. The Rear Key continues to anchor LG’s innovative design language, with a newly designed power key and volume buttons as well as more premium quality materials and finish. LG also refined sophisticated technical features and advancements located on the rear by arranging them in a clean and singular layout consistent with the G3’s well-balanced design language. The stylish metallic skin with matte finish which keeps the G3 looking clean and fingerprint-free will be offered in three vibrant colours in the UK from launch: Metallic Black, Silk White and Shine Gold.

    To complement the new external design, LG adopted a minimalistic user interface design with flat graphics. The circular motif of the graphic assets in the new UI was derived from the shape and concept of LG’s logo, reflecting its unique visual style and identity.

    Simplified UX to Reflect Simple Pleasures

    In addition to the advanced core technologies, LG took its Learning from You approach to a higher level with new UX features to offer G3 users a unique experience unlike any previous LG smartphone. Highlights include:

    • Smart Keyboard: Adaptive technology learns as you type for faster input with less mistakes. Smart Keyboard reduces input errors by up to 75 percent by tracking and analysing typing habits and intuitively “knowing” what word the user intended to type. The height of the keyboard can also be adjusted to better fit the user’s hands and position of the thumbs. Individual keys can also be customised with frequently used symbols for even faster input.

    • Smart Notice: Like a personal assistant,Smart Notice provides suggestions and recommendationsbased on user behaviour, phone usage patterns and location to offer user information when it’s needed the most. Smart Notice can remind you of a call you declined earlier and ask if you would like to call that person back. If you have a large number of unused files or apps on the G3 taking up valuable space, Smart Notice will ask if you would like to delete or uninstall them. But what sets Smart Notice apart from other personal assistants is its natural language capabilities. For example, instead of just displaying today’s temperature and weather forecast, Smart Notice will make a recommendation such as, “You may want to take an umbrella today since it will rain this evening.”

    • Smart Security:Understanding the importance of maintaining and securing confidential data when smartphones are shared, misplaced, lost or stolen, the LG G3 offers a number of enhanced security features such as:

    • Knock CodeTM enables users to unlock their device with a pattern of taps. Merging security and convenience, users can create a personalised code that can be entered anywhere on the screen. With the G3, users have the option of being able to use KnockON to wake the screen to check the timeas well as enter the homescreen directly via Knock CodeTM.

    • Content Lock keeps personal files safe and hidden from view when sharing the G3 with friends. When the G3 is connected to a PC, Content Lock prevents file previews so the data is still safe. The locked files can reside either on the G3’s internal memory or on the microSD card.

    • Kill Switch givesG3 owners the ability to disable their phones remotely in the event of theft. TheKill Switch also allows content on the G3 to be wiped sopersonal information won’t be compromised. Kill Switch also includes antivirus scanning and remote wipe and lock, among other essential features.

    LG will also be offering a collection of new premium accessories to accompany the LG G3:

    • QuickCircleTM Case:Available in five colours, QuickCircleTM Case allows easy access to frequently used functions such ascalling, text messaging, music and camera all from the QuickCircle window without opening the cover. In addition to the QuickCircleTM Case, LG will offer a lineup of Slim Guard Cases and premium Slim Hard Casesto protect the G3 in handsome style.

    • LG Tone InfinimTM(HBS-900): Developed in collaboration with Harman/Kardon, the Bluetooth stereo headset delivers premium audio quality sound in a stylish design. Built with retractable wire management technology and jog buttons for an effortless search, Tone Infinim also features Name AlertTM to verbally notify you who is calling before you answer.

    • Wireless Charger:Compact and foldable, LG’s Wireless Charger is optimised for easy portability. Compatible with Qi’s wireless power charging technology, the Wireless Charger from LG makes staying powered up as convenient as possible.

    Starting on May 28 in South Korea, the LG G3 will begin rolling out worldwide on over 170 carriers, with UK availability from 1st July 2014. 

    Josh Bethell

    Josh joined Clove part time a few years ago whilst studying Computing at Bournemouth University. Since finishing his studies he has remained at Clove in a full time position, involved in sales, returns and social media. Involved with both consumer electronics and software since the mid 2000s, keeping up to date with industry developments is as much a hobby as it is a job. Easy going but never afraid to share an opinion, Josh can often be found in his spare time listening to some heavy rock or at a local gig as well as playing with the latest gadgets and video games.


    • We’ve only been provided with pricing for 2 GB / 16 GB.
      The official spec list on LG UK only has this configuration too.
      If LG act anything like Samsung, they’ll save 3/32 for Korea and maybe other Asian markets and leave EMEA and the Americas with 2/16

    • Thanks for the update. Not much we can do about that really, LG are so far only giving the UK market the 2/16 configuration and we’ve priced as low as we can for the time being.
      The UK (and all EU countries really) are treated separately by the manufacturers, we will have to see if Amazon Germany’s price sticks come launch day.
      If you take a look you’ll see that Amazon UK don’t have a listing yet. The German site is well known for getting the larger configurations and pricing very aggressively – it’s a tactic we simply can’t compete with as we are bound by LG to sell UK grade stock only.

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