• Sony Xperia Z2 Unboxing

    By Jon , May 12, 2014 - Leave a comment

    Sony_Xperia_Z2_FormationThe Xperia Z2 has now arrived and as you would expect by now we have put together an unboxing video of this superb handset for you to enjoy.

    Unusually we have already had extensive hands on time with the Z2 and have put together a full review ahead of the unboxing. Check that out at the bottom of this post, but in the meantime, here is what you can expect in the box of the Z2.

    [leadplayer_vid id=”531F2C3E1003C”]


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  • When it will be shipped for those who pre-ordered on March
    It’s arrived much cheaper in our country dealer. I’m totally disappoint.I think I will cancel my order since I can take it here cheaper and use it same day

    • Orders for the Black model from the 22nd March up to date are due to ship today.
      Your order is included in this batch

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