• Sony Xperia Z2 – shipping Friday 9th May

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    The delay of Sony’s new flagship Xperia Z2 has been well publicised both on our blog and the wider web.

    The good news now though is that we can forget about the delay and focus on the arrival of stock, which has now been confirmed by Sony as Friday 9th May.

    The SIM free handsets are available to order now from Clove in both black & white colour options.

    Included in the £450 + VAT price tag is a FREE bundle comprising of £200 worth of products and content.

    If you are interested in getting hold of the Z2, you can do so now by visiting the product page on our retail site.

    We cannot confirm how long the complete offer will run for as it is subject to stock from Sony. It may well end once stock arrives on the 9th!



    The SRS-BTM8 speaker stock is arriving before the Z2 so will be shipping with the handsets. The noise cancelling headphones are included in the Z2 box.

    The digital content and Music Unlimited offers are installed by Sony on the Z2 handset; region specific activation may be required alongside registering for a Sony Entertainment Network account.

    If you are still not sure whether the Z2 is the device is for you, why not read our comprehensive written review or watch the video review below:

    [leadplayer_vid id=”531F2C3E1003C”]



    Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future. Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants.


  • great news! i paid for DHL carrier, is there a chance to recieve this phone in Lithuania on Monday, May 12? thanks!

    • There’s a very good chance. You’ll get a dispatch email and tracking reference when the package ships.
      Even if it doesn’t arrive on Monday, then it shouldn’t be later than Tue/Wed with DHL

  • Woohayyyy People. Been left without a phone for 2 months so very excited to be back up to date with phone tech 🙂

    • That depends on the country and method Mohammed.
      If you’ve chosen DHL or Fedex courier then you would have it the following week 12-16th.
      International post may take a little longer depending on the destination

  • When will UK orders be dispatched and arrive to customers that selected the cheapest delivery option? Will you be receiving the phone on the 9th or is there a chance stock will arrive earlier?

    • HI K, both delivery options should be dispatched on the same day – the difference in price is for the level of service.
      Special Delivery is next day before 1pm, and Interlink courier can be any time next day.
      If stock comes in earlier, then we will dispatch earlier. As it stands we expect stock to arrive too late to ship on the 8th, or early on the 9th so we will ship on the 9th.

  • Hello everyone!
    You all might now about the gap design flow with Z2.
    Will you be able to check some phones when they arrive in order to see if this problem has been fixed?
    And another question that I’d really appreciate you’ll answer in about the warranty. For how many months is it available? 12 or 24 months?
    And the last thing I would like you to clarify: I live in Romania. Will the phone be delivered here if I choose Fedex, by say 12th, on Monday? Will you be able to send the packages in the same day thei arrive? I ask you this because I am going to travel abroad, but I won’t be leaving until 13th of May.
    Thank you!

    • Hello D F, we will be receiving stock from a completely new batch compared to any other handsets that have been manufactured to date.
      As Romania is part of the EU, your warranty is valid for the full 24 months with any local service centre registered with Sony. You should be able to find more information at the local language version: http://www.sony.ro/support/ro
      If there is not a local service centre, or you do not wish to use it, then you can always contact Clove to arrange a return to the UK for servicing here.
      We will attempt to ship on Friday, although cannot guarantee all Fedex packages will be dispatched. This is because Fedex collect from us at approx 13:30 local time and we may not have had time to process and dispatch stock by then.
      We will do our best to have every package completed though

  • Hi Jon,
    I am Mahalakshmi from India
    It’s regarding, Clove Order Item Number TW14050431765PP & Paypal Unique Transaction ID 4JY57119F9240612G. Which I made payment and need status update for the same.The item which I ordered is, “Sony Xperia Z2 – D6503” in “Black” color with bundled free offer and payed 450 GBP for item and 17 GBP for (International Shipping Method) total paid 467 GBP, for your reference.
    Please do update me of the status for my order, as soon as earlier.

    • Hello sir, looking at your order on our system, it appears that it has been cancelled.
      I would not post further payment / order information on our public blog.
      Please contact sales@clove.co.uk if you have not already done so and we can investigate this for you

  • How long does it usually take for deliveries to the East Coast U.S. via DHL? Who handles the delivery in the U.S.?

    • Hi Walter, I would expect the package to be delivered within 2 working days of dispatch (excluding weekends).
      DHL will make the delivery to you directly

  • Hello

    Done, order opened and paid.
    I hope you can Ship the xperia z2 on 9th May to Portugal.
    Let me know, I selected Fedex Int Courier, and paid with credit card, how many days the xperia Z2 arrives in Portugal?

    • Hi Gualter, I would expect the package to be delivered within 2 working days of dispatch (excluding weekends).
      Fedex should make the delivery to you directly.
      You will receive a dispatch email with a tracking email when your order ships

  • Hi, I am from India and have selected International Signed Mail for the shipping method. When do I expect delivery?

    • Hello Jawahar, Int. Signed Post will usually take between 1-2 weeks to arrive in India.
      We provide a tracking a number for the package so you can check the location during its journey.

    • Hi Gualter, yes we’ve been able to start shipping early, I believe I recall uploading your name & order to the Fedex system earlier!

  • Hi, Did any of the Black come in or all of them been delayed til 13/14th etc

    I did think about changing to the white one but had heard from friends that it does fade and doesn’t scrub up after being washed, not so on the darker models, so I shall wait for the black.

    • Hi Lenny, we got a fair amount of black but not quite enough for every order.
      More are arriving today and then further stock next week.
      We are shipping in chronological order – sit tight and you will receive an dispatch confirmation when your order ships

  • The problem I now have Josh is that I could go down to local cpw and pick one up today. Decisions decisions. Yeah sure I’ll be missing out on the bt speaker etc but I have sonos throughout the house.

    • Hi Leonard, yes I can’t deny that the stock is readily available on the high street now.
      Unfortunately there wasn’t enough black stock to go round this week and the likes of CPW get first pick. We do have the white available though.
      Sony have supported us with the BT speaker & half price SmartBand offers although I appreciate these aren’t for everyone

  • Hi Josh,

    Please confirm if my order out today.

    On Tuesday next on vacation and I need to take your order.


    Best regards


    • Hi Julio, your order is marked for dispatch today as long as the next batch of stock arrives in time.
      You have chosen Fedex who pick up from us in about 2 hours as I write this.
      If the stock arrives later in the day than this, then your order will be dispatched on Monday

    • Stock has just arrived Julio, unfortunately DHL would cost an extra 8 GBP + VAT and we won’t be able to process the payment and amend the order before the courier collects.
      This will still ship on Monday with Fedex for you.

  • I ordered mine on the 16th of April but nothing so far. Mine has been delayed until 14th of May. Not a happy customer at all so far.

  • I ordered and pay mine on 21th March!
    How to proceed to refund my ordered?

    • At least they have told you that yours will be posted on Monday which isn’t bad I think. They told me that only if they have enough stock on the 14th then they will post mine. If mine isn’t posted by the 14th then I will be a very disappointed customer. Whoever I speak to is giving me dates based on guesses. All I would like to know is if my order will fall under the stock that is going to arrive on the 13th or 14th of May or will mine be delayed further. Based on that then I can decide if I will cancel.

      • Hello Sinan, the black model has proven far more popular than the white.
        As we are posting in chronological order, we have been able to ship black orders that were placed up to around the 22nd March, but are pretty much up to date on white orders

        Sony have confirmed another batch of both colours to us that will arrive on the 14th. This will cover all black orders placed in April.
        Your order was placed on the 16th April so is covered in this batch

        • If only I was told this when I phoned I wouldn’t have been stressed out so much. Thank you very much Josh.

    • Hello Julio, yes your order was submitted on the 21st and 22nd.
      Stock was due to arrive today, with some arriving yesterday.
      Yesterday’s stock did not cover orders up to your order date, however today’s have.
      Stock arrived at about 14.00 GMT, Fedex pick up from us at 13.30 and DHL at 15.00, there simply wasn’t time for us to process the extra payment for DHL Julio.
      The order is quite literally processed with paperwork on my desk ready to upload to Fedex on Monday.

  • TW140330338088P. Where do I stand. It’s a black Z2. Monday or will have to wait for the 13th-14th?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Another unsatisfied costumer. Place my order on the 16th March and still waiting. Another client that I know placed his order on the 5th May and already received his package. Not an happy costumer AT ALL…

    • Hello Mr Geirnhas, your order for the Black Z2 was dispatched on Friday 9th.

      Unfortunately, the Royal Mail van that this order was packed onto was stolen, and all packages inside have been lost.
      This is a documented theft in our local news.
      Orders dispatched on the 9th by couriers (DHL, Fedex, Interlink etc.) are collected separately and are not affected.
      Orders dispatched on the 8th are not affected.

      You should have received an email from us yesterday explaining this situation, which has affected all orders dispatched by international post on the 9th.
      We will be sending out replacement shipments with new tracking numbers during this week.
      If you would like to speak to us directly about this situation, you are welcome to call or email us

  • If not despatched today can ya cancel order please, I’ll take a stroll into town and pick one up, not prepated to wait any longer, when I know I can already have it.

    • Hi Leonard, your order is due to be dispatched today from our second batch of black stock.
      The first batch last week did not cover up to your order date (11th April).
      This is covered today and you will receive a Special Delivery tracking number later this afternoon

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