• HTC One (M8) User Guide

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    View, download or order the official HTC One (M8) user manual

    SIM free stock of the All-New HTC One (M8) is almost upon us here at Clove and in advance of this we can provide the official quick-start-guide & full user manual.

    The new flagship from HTC looks set to redeliver and improve upon everything that made the original HTC One worthy of winning best smartphone of 2013, according to Mobile World Congress.

    HTC One (M8) User Manual

    HTC One (M8) Quick Start Guide

    Clove also provide a printing service for official user guides. Should you want a printed and bound copy of the official HTC One (M8) User Manual, then you can order from our retail site HERE


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  • It looks like a nice phone but I really don’t think that 16Gb is enough these days. I know it has a microsd slot but the new restrictions on external memory access in Kitkat 4.4.2 and above make this less useful than before. I read that a 32Gb model was announced but cannot see this for sale. Maybe it’s like Samsung who announce models with larger memory that never appears. Perhaps I’ll try something new like the Oppo 7A ?

    • All 3 of the new flagships (HTC M8, Sony Z2 & Samsung S5) are all launching with 16 GB standard.
      I reckon it’s very unlikely for 32 GB versions to be readily available in the UK/Europe. Very short sighted I agree.
      Clove have been looking at Oppo in the last few months, we’re waiting on some more information over their official UK / EU distribution, warranty etc. before we are comfortable making them available for sale

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