• Fight Of The Flagships – Clove Vlog #75

    By Jon , March 27, 2014 - Leave a comment

    In this vlog I look at the three flagship phones coming to market and how these compare and which one might come out victorious.

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    Constantly challenging opinions and looking for new opportunities, Jon develops the product ranges and business activities and very much strives to maintaining growth and taking Clove in to the future. Never knowing when to stop, he spends a lot of time coming up with ideas. When he does relax, however, he can be found out in the forest walking his Dog, down the pub or enjoying food at local restaurants.


  • Nice overview, thanks!

    Personally, I’m a little lukewarm on this years iteration of the Galaxy S series, so for the first time since the S2 I’m going to skip Samsung and try the Z2 this year. The waterproofing on devices this year (apart from the M8, though TechSmartt have posted a video on youtube showing it surviving a prolonged sinkdunking) has made me think about ease of charging and wear/tear on the microUSB plugs, so the magnetic connectors on the Xperia make a lot of sense. Plus the amount of storage the Samsung ROMs take up, their new opaque region-locking and developer-unfriendly Knox business are not filling me with enthusiasm. It’s nice HTC have reinstated the microSD slot, but the M8 doesn’t really jump out at me, and the USP metal casing is supposed to be rather scratch-vulnerable, which would be a shame.

    BTW it looks like the big Z2 shipments might slip back to May, any idea if this will affect Clove’s delivery dates?

    • Ian,

      Your approach makes complete sense and change is always good!

      At the moment we have had no official word confirming the delays on the Z2. We will make an announcement should this be confirmed.

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