• Wireless charging coming to the Sony Xperia Z2

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    Charge the Xperia Z2 wirelessly.

    Wireless charging isn’t exactly a new technology, but it is not an old one either.  It is only within the last year or so has it become more commonplace.

    Nokia have pushed this the most on their Lumia range of handsets offering it either as standard on the phone or as an additional option with an accessory.

    Samsung have taken a similar approach.  The Note 3 and S4 are both devices to already have optional wireless charging accessories, the S5 will be the same.

    To date Sony have not offered wireless charging.  The closest they have gotten to this is through the magnetic charging dock that adorns the side of the higher end handsets.

    This is all set to change through with the Z2.

    Sony will be offering a case which will be available in 2 colours and a charging plate to enable this wireless option for the Z2.

    Exact details on the case and plate are limited, we do not have an actual image of either to show you, but we do now have them listed on our site.

    The Black and White WCR12 Wireless Charging cover for the Z2 is priced at £69.99 inclusive of VAT and is due to be available some time in June.

    Now the wireless charging cover is no good without a wireless charging plate.  Enter the WCH10 on which the Z2 with the WCR12 fitted can be sat for convenient wireless charging.

    The WCH10 charging plate will retail for £54.99 including VAT.

    Orders are not currently being accepted for these products, but you can enter your name and email address on the relevant product pages and we shall contact you when we have further information available.


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