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    There are countless headphones on the market today be it in ear or over the ear, many of which are now available with or without wires. From the big brand names to the unbranded. £30 or £300, there is no arguments that you have plenty of choice when it comes to your headphones today.

    Of course we all have our preferences so are the Jabra Revo Wireless Stereo headphones the ones for you?

    Lets start with the price. At £199 these are not cheap headphones, but they are cheaper than many. I will leave you to make your own decisions on whether the prices is justifiable once you have seen what they have to offer.

    As the name implies, they are wireless, but the great thing here is that they come with a detachable 3.5 to 3.5mm cable so you can use them like a more traditional wired solution should you want, normally when you have run out of power. The cable is also made of a corded material and does not tangle quite like many headphone cables tend to.

    The headphones themselves come with a USB to microUSB cable for charging, but you can of course a conventional microUSB mains adapter.

    Jabra_Revo_Wireless_HeadphonesIt is worth noting that whilst their primary role is as headphones you can use these for handsfree calling too, thanks to built in controls and microphones that actually do a good job of blocking out background noise.

    There is a reasonable weight to the Revo Wireless which is a sign of the quality of these headphones. They look pretty smart too and the reddot design award won in 2013 is proof of this.

    The construction is a mix of plastic and aluminium which makes them very robust. Jabra make a point of explaining that these have been drop tested from 2m and extreme flex tested 10000 times.

    The headband has considerable flex but feels strong and springs quickly back into place, which is a good thing. The padding under the headband could be better. It is not at all bad, but it is made of a silicone like material that stretches with the headband and lacks a little additional cushioning.

    The earcups have a decent amount of padding. They tend to sit on the ears rather than over them. That said they manage to knock out background noise well considering they are not noise cancelling headphones. I could use these happily for a few hours but after that they become a bit uncomfortable.

    The headphones can be easily transported thanks to a provided pouch case and both earpieces bend in thanks to a hinged mechanism on the bottom half of the headband.

    They connect to your phone or music player primarily via Bluetooth, but there is the cable option if you require. One touch pairing with NFC works well. Just scan your NFC phone over the earpiece and pairing happens within seconds. There is a power/pair switch and LED indicator on the base of the earcup.

    Jabra_Revo_Wireless_HeadphonesaThe headphones have on them touch controls for adjusting the volume, pausing and skipping tracks as well as handling inbound calls. These take some time to get used to. They are fiddly and a little unnatural but after a while you get used to them. A physical button may have detracted from the design but it may have been a good addition.

    Jabra boast 12 hours of usage time. Whilst I did not keep strict tabs on my usage during my testing I certainly was not concerned at them depleting too quickly.

    So the very important point of the sound.

    It was very good, better than I expected if I am honest. It was clear with rich tones. I found the experience very pleasurable. There was a good balance of low and high tones and no need to max the volume to enjoy the sound.

    Add the Jabra Revo Wireless Sound app to your phone and you get more control of the audio experience, for the better when the Dolby Digital Plus feature is used. Complete control in the equaliser means you can set the headphones to give you the optimum experience. The drawback here is the use of a dedicated app.

    Trying to compare headphones is always difficult as different ones have different features and price points. I can only draw real comparison to my Audio Technica ATH-M50’s which are about £100 cheaper but much bigger and not so pretty.

    The sounds were close, but I still prefer the M50’s as I feel the sound is a bit richer and more appealing to my ears.

    With that said, they are much bigger, do not knock out background sounds as well, they are wired, do not have a built in mic and do not look as stylish.

    Jabra have done an exceptional job with the Revo Wireless headphones. They have a lot to offer someone, especially if you are prepared to use the app. You could pay considerably more and get a lot less.

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