• Which MHL adapter does my Samsung Galaxy need?

    By Josh Bethell , February 5, 2014 - Leave a comment

    We explain exactly which MHL adapter to use with any Samsung Galaxy device.

    From 2011/2012, MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) became the de-facto method for outputting content from many mobile devices to a second screen. We have covered the topic in depth a few times in our What is MHL? and Which MHL cable should I buy? posts.

    As with all new technology, MHL quickly evolved since its conception; there’s even an upgraded version coming soon called SuperMHL. Whilst some manufacturers like Sony and HTC are currently still compatible with the earliest specification in 2014, Samsung have adapted and with each generation of devices the compatibility has changed.

    Many Samsung Galaxy phones can use MHL adapters, the post below will explain which can and which adapters to use.

    Finally, throughout 2015, Samsung stopped support for MHL, so the Galaxy S6 range and Note 5 do not have the feature. To understand how to use wireless screen sharing options with these phones, you can read our guide on Miracast and Google Chromecast.

    In this post I will work through the different generations of Samsung devices launched since MHL was first included in the Samsung Galaxy S2. The supported MHL version will be stated, along with which Samsung adapter to use. I will also finally call out devices which do not include MHL, that are widely believed to due to Samsung’s often confusing naming conventions. You can view our whole range of current Samsung accessories here.

    Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; should you have questions about a device that is not listed, feel free to contact us in the comments or via email.
    Also note that this list is compiled using the official specifications for Samsung devices released in the UK and sold by Clove Technology. Device variants released in other territories do not often differ in specification, however a guarantee of compatibility for such devices cannot be made. 

    Samsung MHL adapters

    1st Generation (2011) (MHL 1.1)

    Samsung 1st Generation MHL adapter

    • A 3rd party version of this adapter is now available HERE, which remains compatible with other non Samsung phones.

    This is the original Samsung MHL adapter for smartphones (NOW DISCONTINUED). Released in 2011 for the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note, this adapter has a 5 pin layout. External power is required.
    Compatibility with 2nd generation phones is possible with 5-11 pin adapter (NOW DISCONTINUED).
    This adapter can also be used with a number of non-Samsung phones including, but not limited to: the Sony Xperia Z range and the HTC One range.

    2nd Generation (2012 / 2013) (MHL 1.2)

    Samsung 1st Generation Tablet MHL adapterSamsung 2nd Generation MHL adapter

    • This generation is now completely DISCONTINUED – use the following 3rd generation adapter where available

    This is the 2nd Samsung MHL adapter for smartphones, released in 2012 for the Samsung Galaxy S3, the adapter has an 11 pin layout. External power is required.
    Compatible with 3rd generation devices, however external power is still required.
    The 1st Samsung MHL adapter for tablets (30 pin connection). External power is required. Not compatible with later generation tablets as they moved to the same micro USB connection as the phones.

    The 30 pin tablet adapter has now also been DISCONTINUED. There is no direct replacement. Newer generation Samsung tablets use a microUSB connection and the following adapter is compatible with these.

    3rd Generation (2013 / 2014) (MHL 2.0)
    Samsung 3rd Generation MHL adapter

    The 3rd Samsung MHL adapter for smartphones & tablets. Released in 2013 for the Samsung Galaxy S4, this adapter has an 11 pin layout. External power is no longer required for compatible MHL 2.0 devices, although it can be used to avoid excess battery drain.
    External power is still required for compatible earlier Samsung phones that do not use MHL 2.0.

    4th Generation (2015)

    As of 2015, Samsung have stopped implementing MHL in their flagship Galaxy smartphones and tablets.
    The Galaxy S6, S6 edge, S6 edge plus, Note 5, A3, A5, A7 and A8 do not have MHL capabilities.
    In order to share your screen contents to a TV or other monitor, you will need to use a wireless connection.
    This can be done through Miracast or with the Google Chromecast.

    Samsung Smartphones

    MHL compatible Samsung smartphones and some incompatible phones often considered otherwise. If your phone is not listed then let us know and we will check; Samsung release a lot of phones, although the likelihood is that it does not have MHL if it is not on the list.

    • Samsung Galaxy S2: MHL compatible. 1st generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Note: MHL compatible. 1st generation.


    • Samsung Galaxy S3: MHL compatible. 2nd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150: NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200: MHL compatible. 2nd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2: MHL compatible. 2nd generation.


    • Samsung Galaxy S4: MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini: NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Active: MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 3: MHL compatible. 3rd generation.


    • Samsung Galaxy S5: MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini:  NOT MHL COMPATIBLE


    • Samsung Galaxy A3: NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy A5: NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy A7: NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy S6:NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge:NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus:NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 5:NOT MHL COMPATIBLE

    Samsung Tablets

    MHL compatible Samsung tablets and some incompatible tablets often considered otherwise. If your tablet is not listed then it is either not compatible, or the list has yet to be updated.

    • Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT-P10xx): NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (GT-P75xx): MHL compatible. 1st tablet generation.


    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P31xx): NOT MHL COMPATIBLE


    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (SM-T21xx): NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (GT-T31xx): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (GT-P52xx): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 (GT-N51xx): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N80xx): MHL compatible. 1st tablet generation.


    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) (SM-P6xx): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 (SM-P90xx): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 (SM-P90xx): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 12.2 (SM-T9xx): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1 (SM-T52x): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 (SM-T32x): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (SM-T53x): NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (SM-T33x): NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (SM-T23x): NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (SM-T80x): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.
    • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (SM-T70x): MHL compatible. 3rd generation.


    Josh Bethell

    Josh joined Clove part time a few years ago whilst studying Computing at Bournemouth University. Since finishing his studies he has remained at Clove in a full time position, involved in sales, returns and social media. Involved with both consumer electronics and software since the mid 2000s, keeping up to date with industry developments is as much a hobby as it is a job. Easy going but never afraid to share an opinion, Josh can often be found in his spare time listening to some heavy rock or at a local gig as well as playing with the latest gadgets and video games.


  • While the tab 3 7.0 shows to be incompatible on your list, does the technology allow for this to be added with different adapters in the future?

    • Hello Renata, unfortunately with Samsung’s track record one has to make the assumption that the Tab 3 7.0 will remain incompatible regardless of the adapter used.

      • Hello I work in a computer store.
        I tested these days one mhl adapter 3rd generation and worked in tab 3 7. “No signal loss or delay.

        • Thanks for that PNF, very interesting.
          Are you based in the UK or another country?
          Samsung’s UK’s official response and my testing has shown the Tab 3 7″ to not be compatible so far

          • Hmmmmm …
            OK may be that the BR model came with this support. For example in my country this tablet did not come with OTG support. I believe it has only been a marketing ploy which in my opinion was stupid until the samsung in removing a support as more useful than the MHL. Out the difference in implementation. As far as I studied it more expensive to implement than MHL USB support USB OTG.
            Anyway I will praise your story because it was well thought out and ta clear. Congratulations, I will continue watching this channel, have a nice day!

  • Your list shows GalaxyTab 3 8.0 (SM-T310) as “3rd generation”. The device itself (at least the north-american version), has only 5pin microUSB, not 11pin.

    • Hi Jozko, thanks for your input.
      Here in the UK the Tab 3 8.0 is compatible with the 11 pin MHL adaptor and is listed so on Samsung’s UK website.
      I will make an amendment to the post to stress that this is a list for UK spec devices and it may differ by territory.

  • Please, I have galaxy tablet 10.1 N8000…it doesn’t work with USB-AV adapter even with external power??

    • Hello Ahmed, first of all make sure you are using this adapter.
      Unofficial adapters may cause issues as Samsung have restricted the output on many of their devices.
      Have you tried more than one adapter? Possibly this is faulty.
      If more than one adapter fails then the tablet may have a faulty port. Do you have a UK model N8000 or a model from another territory? Sometimes models for different regions have different capabilities. You may want to check with your local Samsung support about this

  • The UK version of tab 3 8.0 has 5 pin micro usb unlike US version which has 11pin samsung connector.
    Therefore it will not work with a Samsung 11 pin 3rd generation mhl adapter.
    Having tried several mhl adapters including mhl 3.0 with 5 pin nothing works and therefore assume the uk version of tab 3 8.0 does not output mhl even though Samsung specs says it does.
    When phoning Samsung asking which is correct adapter they say they do not supply suitable mhl adaptor and dont know if and when they will. They say it has mhl 1.2 output so why don’t they recommend the generation 2 adaptor.
    Cannot find anyone in UK to sort this simple problem once and for all.

  • Hi I have a galaxy S4 MHL hdmi adapter will it work on my galaxy tab 3 ? If not is there any recommendations what I should use for my galaxy tab 3 so I can watch it on the big screen.

    • Hello Keoki, what size screen does your Tab 3 have?
      Some screen sizes of the Tab 3 have MHL and some don’t. Frustratingly this can also change based on the country the tablet was designed for.
      If your particular Tab 3 supports MHL, then the official adaptor for the S4 is the correct one to use

  • I got my mom a galaxy tab 4 7in for mothers day..which mhl should I get for her?

    • Hello Cesar I don’t think any of the Tab 4 range has MHL output. You can check the full specs for each on the US shop:
      7 inch / 8 inch / 10 inch
      I think Samsung’s new tablet strategy is that the Tab range is ‘low-end’ (basic processor, no video out etc.), the Note range is ‘high end’ (top specs, stylus etc.) and the PRO versions are the upgrades to both with extra business features

  • I have galaxy mega. Am trying to find compatible mhl adapter. Please help.

    • Hello Jordyn, I have updated the post for the Galaxy Mega. The answer will depend on if you have the 5.8″ or 6.3″ version:
      Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9150: NOT MHL COMPATIBLE
      Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200: MHL compatible. 2nd generation.

      • Thanks for the help so far. But I am still having problems finding one. Would you be able to recommend a particular cable that will work and charge the phone?. And maybe while your at it…you could order it for me too. Pay for it …I gotcha….bring it over…hook it up and make sure it works. Hahaha. Jk lol thx again.

        • No worries Jordyn. I take it you’re in the US if you have a 6.3 Mega? Pay for the flights and I’ll happily bring one over for you 😉
          If it is a 6.3 Mega then I think this is the cable you want, model number EPL-3FHUBEGSTD
          Grab the model number of your Mega and check with local Samsung support to be sure though

  • Hi. How i do to know what generation my galxy note is?. My galaxy is a NOTE 10.1 2014 EDITION

  • Hi I am looking for advice, I have the s4 mini and an all in on mhl cable.. will this work?

    • Hello Amy, as stated in the post the S4 Mini does not have MHL / HDMI output.
      The best option as far as I know is to use the AllShare Cast Dongle. This attaches to the TV and allows for a wireless screen mirroring between the S4 Mini (and other Samsung Galaxy phones) and the dongle / TV

  • Hi there Alex,

    I know you say the S4 should have an MHL 3rd generation adapter, but do you know if it would also work with 2.0?


  • Hi I have the Samsung galaxy tab 3 8.0 and I have a rocketfish MHL adapter &HDMI cord. It will let me get a picture on my tv, but no audio? And idea why?

    • Hi Courtney, have you tried another HDMI cable.
      I know Samsung try to make it so you can only use Samsung accessories, however only getting half the signal is quite strange.
      If another HDMI cable has the same issue (or this cable works fine with another device) then the adaptor may be faulty.
      If the adaptor / cable works fine on another device, then possibly Samsung have stopped the Tab from outputting correctly on non-Samsung accessories

  • Hi Josh,

    I’m using Samsung Mega 6.3 ( I9200) which has TV-out option via MHL. As per your description it is
    compatible with 2nd generation mhl. So I would like to confirm whether samsung galaxy S3 which is also a (2nd generation mhl,11 pin) is compatible with Samsung Mega 6.3 ( I9200) and also whether Samsung Galaxy S4 ( 3rd generation, 11 pin) is compatible with Samsung Mega 6.3 ? ie whether both S3 and S4 mhl are compatible with Mega 6.3? And also I like to know whether mega 6.3 is 5 pin or 11 pin? plz confirm and let me know. Thank you.

    • Hi Gautam, the Mega should be 11 pin – to my knowledge all Samsung handsets after the S2 / Note used the newer configuration.
      The S3 and Mega are of the same generation so should be able to use the same adaptor.
      The S4 can use the newest 3rd gen. adaptor that doesn’t need external power (earlier Samsung handsets didn’t have this hardware capability).

      To wrap up: you can use the 2nd gen adaptor for all 3 handsets, although you will need to use external power.
      The 3rd gen adaptor is not guaranteed to work with the older phones, although you may have success if you test it (and will still need to use external power).

  • Hi.
    I have the samsung tab 3 8″ & I have tried both a 5 pin and a 11 pin adapter neither were samsung make and neither worked. Any ideas why this wont work. Do they have to be the samsung make.

    • Hello Barbara, the Tab 3 was part of the first tablet generation to use the micro USB MHL. This is 11pin.
      To my knowledge I think you have to use the official Samsung ‘3rd generation adapter‘ I have linked to

      • I can assure you the UK version of tab 3 8.0 has 5 pin connection.
        Agree UK Samsung website answered faq asking for correct adapter by stating the S4 11 pin adapter was correct which is of course rubbish.
        Notice Clove sell Sony 5 pin mhl 1.2 adapter and I would love somebody test on Tab 3 8.0.
        Have tested an mhl 2 adapter with 5 pin and no go.
        Have tested an mhl adapter suitable for S2 phone and no go.
        Guess Tab 3 8.0 does not have mhl output on the 5 pin versions until someone proves otherwise.

          • Hi Barbara, I have responded to Duncan’s message above with more detail.
            I think this was the correct adapter based on the original UK specification. If the included booklet recommends it then I would be cautiously optimistic about choosing it for your device.
            Exact details and specifications on the device may have changed since its original release, Samsung can be quite cagey about admitting this though, as I have seen with other devices

        • Hi Duncan, thanks for the response. It’s quite possible that Samsung UK have crossed their own wires then if you have tested this.

          I was originally going on both Samsung’s official response, their admittedly now revised accessory list and the hope they would be keeping things simple by making all 2013 devices use the same output.

          Having looked on Samsung’s redesigned website which launched a few weeks ago though, the tech spec for the 2013 Tab range has been updated to specify MHL “1.2”

          This would mean one would expect correct adapter would be the 2nd generation Samsung 11pin model. The 3rd generation 2.0 adapter is designed to be backwards compatible (it works on the S3 with power) however, so if this doesn’t work through your testing then I can’t hold out much hope for the 2nd generation.

          Unfortunately I haven’t a Tab 3 8.0 or 10.1 in the offices to test as Clove chose not to sell the device. Things do point to the Sony adapter we sell being the correct choice.

          Overall, the entire situation seems very like the debacle that occurred with the Tab 2 10.1, where Samsung revised the hardware during the lifecycle of the device and had slightly different models depending on territory. This had the unfortunate outcome of changing the MHL spec on the USB port meaning it was impossible to tell whether or not the device you had was compatible or not without trial and error.

          I think the original UK spec of the Tab 3 8.0 / 10.1 was to have the new 11 pin MHL 2.0. I am speculating now but due to the issues that are cropping up I think Samsung may have either revised this in later batches (to keep manufacturing costs down) or moved stock from other territories into the UK to make up for a stock shortage (it was a massively popular and discounted product in many electronics retailers over the Christmas period).

          • Hi Josh,

            The Tab 3’s which have mhl use mhl 1.2 according to Samsung.
            Those with 11 pin connector work with the S4 adapter ok as it is backwards compatible with lower mhl numbers.
            However the uk version of Tab 3 8.0 has 5 pin connector which does not make sense engineering wise to provide with mhl output.
            I assume Samung is in error suggesting it has mhl output on its website.
            Tried to overcome this by using miracast screen mirroing function via Sony IM10 tv adapter. It will not work without picture breakup. Now using S4 successfully with miracast to overcome the Tab 3 8.0 tv display problems. Expensive solution!

          • Hi Josh,
            Apologies for suggesting the UK version of the Tab 3 8.0 is 5 pin only as just discovered they are a mixture of 5 and 11 pin which is causing mega confusion for all of us!
            Last time I looked at the Samsung website it said micro usb connection which by default means the international standard of 5 pins. Normally Samsung state 11 pin micro usb if it is an 11way connector even though that is not international standard.
            I purchased one of the Tab 3 8.0’s you mentioned at bargain price in December which went dead on me 2 weeks later. This had 5 pin connector and was unit I failed to get working on mhl. My warranty replacement unity obtained in January I assumed also had 5 pins but just checked it and it has 11 pins!
            This would have saved me much time and expense if I had realised earlier!
            My advice is if you have a 5 pin version it probably does not have mhl output . If you have 11 pin version use S4 TV adapter.
            Apologies again but cause of confusion is down soley to wrong and lack of info from Samsung.

          • Hi Josh,
            Just tried the 3rd generation S4 HDTV adapter with tab 3 8.0 and it worked just fine if used connected with tablet charger .
            Maybe all tab 3 8.0 units are 11 pin connection and I was misled by info from Samsung stating 5 pin and verbal assurance they did not do a compatible Samsung adapter!
            Sorry for any confusion.
            Thanks for your help.

          • Brilliant stuff, glad to hear you have everything working now.
            Interesting you state that a replacement model had a different pin configuration. I think I have seen similar happen before with Samsung tablets and the hardware changing through the product’s lifecycle.
            I think Samsung either change the spec, or they move stock into the UK from other regions which had a different configuration all along.
            They certainly don’t make it easy!

  • hi i have a s4 with the 3rd gen mhl but when i connect it to the tv it says no signal. The tv does pick up the hdmi cable as connected. Whats wrong?

    • Hi BS, it’s difficult to say without testing thoroughly.
      Does the HDMI work correctly with other equipment? If so then it rules this out as faulty.
      Have you tried the MHL adapter on another S4? If that works correctly then it would point to your phone being faulty.
      If another adapter works then your current one may have the problem.
      Finally check the power. The S4 and adapter don’t require power to connect, although you may need a compatible TV and the S4 battery should be over a certain level. If in doubt connect mains power to the adapter

  • hello, my i gles is not very good so I will use q translator, and bought the mhl 3 generation, works with the S3 and not the tab4 10.1, I can do? thanks

    • Hello Joridi, I have checked the American specification for the Tab 4 10.1 (it is not available to Clove in the UK just yet).
      According to this I cannot see MHL functionality. I do not think this tablet is MHL capable

  • ok so i bought the adapter and the tab without doing any research i got the tab 3.7 at best buy because it was on sale and i couldn’t pass up the deal taking it for granted that the oem samsung mhl adapter would work i bought both at the same time much to my dismay through research finding out my tab does not support mhl is there any other alternative such as a streaming app that works well that i could use

    • A Google Chromecast may be the best solution. It is only supported on some devices (but more coming soon) to share the screen of your phone/tablet with a TV.

  • Hi josh I have a galaxy grand neo I9060, can you tell me me
    Please what kind of MHL adapter can use?

    • Hello Raquel, I have looked into this and it seems that the Grand Neo I9060 does not have MHL capabilities.
      You may be able to use wireless options on this phone, check the connectivity settings for Miracast / Wireless Display / AllShare or something similar

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