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    Sony smartbandTechnology companies have recently been developing and promoting wearable tech which enables users to gather data about lives. The idea is that this data can be used to make the wearer more aware of their lives and make improvements. Sony is now promoting their core unit which we should first see within the up coming Sony Smartband. So how does it compare to an existing product like the Fitbit Flex?

    Both of these products are able to track how active you are during day.  So you know how far you have run and how many steps you have taken.  They also give you an idea of how much you have slept.  This information is then logged and can be uploaded onto an interface on your smartphone or web browser.  Waterproofing appears to be a standard feature as it is included with both of these products and they are also light-weight as you would expect.

    The difference between these two products is that the FitBit Flex concentrates solely on your fitness and health.  Sony Smartband also does this but enables you to additionally make calls and control your music.  It connects to the Sony LifeLog app which logs your activities through your day, so you can keep a record of what you have done.  Photos you have taken and music you have listened to along Fitbit-Flex.jpgwith details of web browsing and video gaming time.  This is then displayed as an animation on your smartphone which you can interact with.  There is the ability to go back and see what you did on a certain day.  Looking back at when and where you took a photo or what you did on a certain day.

    Goals can be set with both products but the Fitbit Flex is the only one which provides a visual indicator of your progression.  This it provides as a series of lights which illuminate as you get closer to your goal, giving you an idea of your progression.  With the Sony Smartband it appears that you have to check out your smartphone to see how you are doing.

    The Fitbit website and app provides nutrition information and has the ability to keep a log of the food you have eaten.  There by helping with your diet and keeping you fit and healthy.  We haven’t so far seen any indication that the Sony LifeLog will provide you with the ability to log this type of data.  So this may be a distinct difference between how the two products have been developed and aimed at different market segments.


    Both of these are great products, it really depends on what your individual requirements are.  The Sony Smartband will be a great product when it is release for logging your life.  Seeing what you do on a daily bases, when you are active and relaxing.

    It also gives you the ability to interact and control some features of your phone including the making of calls and control of your music.  You will be able to activate it when you are performing a certain activity and gain some insight into how much time you spend doing them.  It really is a life logger as the name of the app suggests.

    Fitbit Flex on the other concentrates on monitoring and tracking your activity.  It is also able to know when you are sleeping and also how well you sleep by how much you move.  It doesn’t log your life like the Sony Smartband, but it does provide more dietary help, with perhaps more emphases on the active part of your life.

    Details and ordering is available at the links below.

    Sony Smartband

    Fitbit Flex


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