Sony DCS-QX10 price drop – LIMITED STOCK

Sony’s entry level DCS-QX10 ‘lens camera’ now under £100

qx10-black-2-sny-qx10The lens style camera range announced by Sony towards the end of last Summer was somewhat of a gamble. An attempt to bridge the gap between traditional point and shoot photography and mobile, this new product category was met with equal parts scepticism, intrigue and applause. For long time Sony enthusiasts like myself, they also sparked a bit of hope that a company known for innovation and boundary pushing could be returning to some of its old ways.

The Cyber-Shot DCS-QX10 (and its more advanced brother the DCS-QX100) look like lens accessories from a distance, however are actually fully-fledged, self-contained cameras which can act as an accessory for mobile. Capable of being operated in the hand like a traditional point and shoot, they can also be controlled remotely through the Sony PlayMemories app, perfect for mounting or even attaching to the mobile with an included clip.

Clove have limited stock of the DCS-QX10 left available and have now reduced the price to £95 + delivery & VAT where applicable. Order yours HERE.

Remaining stock is available in both black and white at the time of writing, however these may sell out soon. If stock is not available to fulfil your order, you will be contacted so we can issue either a full refund or credit note.