A closer look at the HTC Fetch

Tired of losing your smartphone?

HTC FetchWe’ve all been there – frantically patting our coat pockets down, delving head first into bags and flipping cushions and sofas upside down to no avail; with your heart racing whilst repeatedly asking yourself ‘where the hell is my phone?’

Losing your phone can be quite a painstaking ordeal, losing that special someone’s number and all of your precious experiences that you caught on your camera along with your game progress is simply unimaginable.

If this sounds familiar or the thought alone is terrifying enough – then the HTC Fetch is your answer.

The Fetch comes in the form of a keyring ensuring that you keep it attached to your keys at all times. The sleek keyring features a multi purpose button that when pressed will activate your phone’s ringtone, limiting any worries you may have when searching for your device. Simply follow the sound and you should be reunited with your phone in no time, the Fetch has a working range of 15m so unless you live in a 15 bedroom mansion you should have no worries at all.

Conversely, you can set your fetch to beep on demand by using the Open Fetch application, so if you ever did lose your keys in the most inopportune moment – you’re covered.

But that’s not all, by pairing your your HTC phone and your Fetch; you will have the option to set both devices to alert you when they are both out of range from one another. Further to that, if you lose both, you can set up an email notification feature that will inform you of when your fetch and smartphone were both last together.

Another cool feature is the ability to use the Fetch as a remote camera shutter, turning it into a simple remote control. The HTC Fetch is powered by a CR2032 battery that is said to provide around 6 months of usage.

The HTC Fetch is the perfect solution for those that are extremely forgetful and simply do not have the time to search high and low for their prized goods. The Fetch has its alternative uses as well, if you’re on a dodgy first date and you’re really not into him/her then why not use your fetch to slyly sound off your ringtone? there you have it  – a perfect excuse to get out of there!

The HTC Fetch is listed @ £24.99 (£29.99 inc. VAT) and is readily available from Clove Technology, such a small price for one less worry!


    • Josh Bethell says

      Hi Vinay, as far as I know the Fetch is only compatible with HTC phones with Android 4.3 and Bluetooth 4.0

      • vinay says

        Ok thanks. Looks like htc shot themselves in the foot by limiting compatibly to a few htc devices. Good product by the looks of it.