• Motorola Moto G vs Sony Xperia M

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    Moto G vs. Xperia M

    All this week I’ve been providing comparisons of the Motorola Moto G against similar devices from the current entry level and mid ranges. There’s been a little bit of to and fro with pros and cons on either side but one thing remains clear; anyone else getting down to the price of the Moto G has often compromised somewhere and ends up providing a less enticing final product.

    This last head to head showcases the Sony Xperia M, currently Sony’s lowest level handset, versions of which have gained a lot of favour in international markets, due to its decent combination of price and specification. According to some industry thinkers it is these international, emerging markets that Motorola / Google may be really targeting with the Moto G, rather than more discerning mature markets (although sales here remain a bonus and an indication of future trends).

    The Xperia M is quite a small handset, with a screen of just 4 inches which makes the decent resolution appear sharp. Otherwise, the head to head makes it clear that the Xperia M is effectively matched or outclassed by the Moto G in pretty much every category that matters, including price. If Motorola decide to manufacture a dual SIM version of the Moto G, it could be incredibly enticing for many international markets.

    Check out the full size image comparison by clicking on the header below:


    If you would rather watch a video showing the spec comparison, just take a look at the following:


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  • i am confused a lot to buy xperia m or moto g..
    I prefer moto g for its battery, ips c g glass 3, promised kk update..
    A let down is non removable battery.. Bcoz already suffering with xperia s for low battery back UP..
    Whether battery can b replaced after years?
    Motorola’s launch after moto g will b upgraded with improved specs, user removable battery, msd slot, nfc, >5mp, 1080p hdr..

    • Hello Rajesh, the Moto G is most definitely the better phone for specification and overall quality. The Xperia M doesn’t really come close although in my opinion it is a nicer device to look at.
      If battery is a concern for you then be careful with the Moto G. Motorola warranty is 1 year, and after this there will not be free battery replacements.
      If you have an issue with the battery after 1 year then you may have to pay a Motorola service centre for the replacement or a 3rd party engineer

  • Nice Bro thanks me also waiting for Motorola G .. was thinking in past about xperia M and then i heard news of Moto G .. I think its now company of Google and therefore it is Simply the Best …..

    • Hello Nitigya. It is a difficult decision to make but I think the Moto G is the better handset overall. Screen quality and Android version is higher.
      There is also a new Moto G version releasing in a few weeks with 4G and memory card slot, this could be the best budget handset available.

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