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    One phone with the power of two

    Some may not recognise a need for a dual SIM device; this may be because there are not many “premium” dual SIM handsets available and therefore many may not even be aware that the technology exists.

    Previous dual SIM devices have generally not been something to write home about. Ideally you would like to  have dual SIM functionality in a flagship device which offers you all the features and hardware of a premium smartphone.

    I give you the dual SIM HTC One; widely rated as one of the best smartphones available at this moment in time.

    BackThe HTC One dual SIM aims to offer the user the functionality of a dual SIM phone with the features of a premium handset. The device is perfect for:

    • Business users
    • International students
    • Travellers
    • Foreign workers

    One example where the device would be useful could be if you currently have a business and personal phone. With this device you can combine the two. You can switch easily between the two SIMs whilst using the device and even receive a call from either SIM card at any one time if you like, which is very handy. HTC Sense allows you to manage calls, texts and data between both of your SIM cards and you can select preferred network settings to reduce complexity.

    The HTC One dual SIM has almost all the same specifications as the single SIM HTC One. The only differences are that it is slightly thicker and heavier at 10.4 mm and 13 grams extra. 4G capabilities are also removed in favour of the second SIM slot.

    The dual SIM variant adds more in other areas though; there is a micro SD slot that will take up to a 64 GB memory card. This was one of the few features that the HTC One was missing previously and allows you to carry more music, pictures and files around with you. The dual SIM variant will also have the same popular features as its single SIM brother such as HTC BlinkFeed, HTC BoomSound and HTC UltraPixel.

    So, you may be thinking this is all very nice but why would I want to use a dual-sim smartphone?

    • Simplicity – No need to juggle separate home & work phones: essentially a 2-in-1 device
    • Convenience – Have a spare SIM slot free for when you travel to use a local SIM card
    • Costefficiency – Use different tariffs for long-distance calls with no need to buy 2 phones
    • Organisation – Organise your work and personal life from the same device
    • Usage – Use separate tariffs for data and calls
    • Connectivity – Share your phone with a family member

    HTC One

    There is no doubt about it, the dual SIM HTC One is a business class device. HTCPro allows you to put your professional world at your fingertips and corporate users will benefit from HTC Sense. This will support Microsoft Exchange and provisions for other Microsoft applications, including Office 365 and Lync. It will also support enterprise-grade features including on-board encryption, secure connectivity, secure password policies, remote data wiping and flexible Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.

    The HTC One dual SIM is probably the first device with two SIM card trays that has actually impressed me; using its reputation for being a top-quality handset this version of the One is sure to be a real winner.

    For more information on specifications, features and pricing please visit the product page HERE.



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    • Hello Ayoob, the HTC One dual SIM has 1 GSM only SIM and the second slot is dual GSM / CDMA
      The first SIM can access global GSM 3G networks
      The second SIM can access global GSM 2G networks AND CDMA 2G networks.
      The CDMA is of benefit if you travel to area where you would require voice access to a CDMA network (such as some major US & Candaian carriers).

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