How often do you upgrade? – Clove Vlog #66

HTC Desire 500 cropped

In our 66th vlog, I ask how often do you upgrade your phone.

With contracts lasting generally 24 months now, how often do you upgrade now.  Is it less regularly than before or do you tend to keep the contract but change the phone?


  1. Beej11 says

    About every 6 months. Whenever a newer version of Android phones come out. Even though I have a contract with AT&T, the unlocked phones are the best. No bloat-ware, freedom to get the kind of phone I want. I just got the HTC Butterfly and like it a lot.

  2. Paul Mansfield says

    Since I by my phones off contact and sign up from SIM only service, I can upgrade my phone when I want rather than when their phone service contract cycles round. And because I can easily leave my service provider they can’t jack up prices whenever they want, in fact, I tell them how much I am willing to pay.
    Results are I get the phone I want at the right price when it suits me, and my monthly phone bill is £8 for unlimited texts, more minutes than I ever use, and 750 MB of data; thanks, Vodafone.