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    Make your new phone just like your old one

    Motorola Moto GJust like any other gadget, getting your hands on a new phone is often a great initial feeling. You can spend time playing with new settings & features, enjoying added speed or power by playing new games and movies, and generally exploring everything it has to offer.

    One thing that has always made the transition to a new phone a little jarring though, has been getting your old content onto the new device. Over the years the situation on Android has been improved, with the likes of Google’s backup services saving information such as your contacts list, certain preferred settings (such as saved Wi-Fi access points) and your installed applications alongside your account details. This does at least makes getting some level of information onto your new handset as easy as signing into your account and letting the automatic sync take over for a few minutes.

    Outside of this though, unless you manually back up information regularly (or have invested the time in creating your own automatic backup ecosystem with your choice apps and their respective settings), then there may still be a fair amount of information that you want to get across.

    Since using cables to connect devices together or make backups is now ridiculously old fashioned, Motorola have included their Migrate app with the new Moto G which utilises Wi-Fi direct. You are prompted to use this the first time you set up the device, although you can access it any time after from the main app drawer. Migrate will transfer all text messages, call history, SIM contacts and media (pictures and movies), stored in the standard Android system locations.

    Motorola Migrate IconMotorola Migrate is available for free from Google Play and should be installed on your old handset (from Android 2.2 onwards). To start the transfer, open the app on both devices. The Moto G (also available with Moto X & Droid Ultra range in the USA) should display a QR code on screen. The app on the older device will prompt you to scan this code. After scanning the code you will be asked to confirm that you wish to transfer the data.

    If you consent to the transfer then the handsets will disconnect from any local Wi-Fi access point they may be connected to and communicate directly via Wi-Fi direct. The total transfer time will vary depending on the amount of content you have to transfer, so you may want to review your old handset first. Once the transfer has started you can still use other features on both phones but be aware that Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet will not work until the transfer is finished.

    The only sticking point with Motorola Migrate is that currently you can’t choose the content to transfer: it simply sends everything from the respective sections to the new devices. Due to this you may want to have a check over what exactly is stored on the old handset, lest you forget the album of 1000 selfies you forgot about and wouldn’t have minded deleting rather than transferring…

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  • does it copy apps, as well? some of my apps are old versions and I hate to have to reload all of my apps. thanks, Lisa

    • Hi Lisa, it doesn’t completely copy apps no. As stated in the post, Migrate will transfer text messages, call history, SIM contacts and media (pictures and movies).
      You can use Google’s automatic backup feature too:
      1. Go to Settings > Privacy.
      2. Tick two boxes: Back up my settings and Automatic restore.
      3. Go to Settings > Account & sync.
      4. Select Google.
      5. Tick the boxes: Sync Contacts, Sync Gmail, Sync Calendar.
      After this, a record of your currently installed apps is recorded in Google Play (alongside a record of every app you have ever downloaded). When you sign in to a new device with this account, the currently installed app swill be automatically downloaded to your new device.
      The only thing missing will be app data (app settings, save files etc), so you may want to make a back up of these if the games or other apps you use don’t back up automatically to the cloud.

  • Hi, I am unable to exchange files using Wi-Fi direct. Even in the modes of sharing also Wi-Fi Direct option is unavailable. How to activate Wi-Fi direct in Moto G?

  • Hi Jon,
    I bought MOTO G today, it is now available with options of whatever u can sync & what not, like, sms, emails, photos,music,videos.
    But since i have not yet inserted the sim, i am using hot spot of my older mobile to do so. And as you mentioned the migrate disables any wifi, my older phone is unable to find my new phone.

    • Hey Meme Master, if your older device is not compatible with Wi-Fi direct then you will not be able to utilise Migrate unfortunately.
      Once you have Migrate installed on both phones, you should be able to scan the QR code generated on the Moto G with the old phone to establish the connection.
      Should the connection continuously fail at this point then you may not have WiFi Direct on the old phone which means Migrate will not be compatible.

      WiFi Direct is an extension to the standard WiFi protocol and its inclusion on older device depends on the manufacturer’s software updates

  • Is there any other way to transfer the stuff from old mobile to moto g other than moto migrate, like through Bluetooth ?
    I had been facing problem opening play store in my old phone to install moto migrate.

    • Hello Sekhar, aside from manually copying information onto a PC and transferring then not really.
      If you are having an issue with opening Google Play on your old device then directly installing the apk for Migrate might help you – it is available for download HERE
      To install this you would need to change the security settings on the old phone to allow 3rd party installs

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