Smartphones & Tablets In Meetings – Clove Vlog #65

NotebookIn our 65th vlog, I ask whether you use your smartphone, tablet or laptop as a way of taking notes in a meeting?

Even working within the smartphone industry, I am afraid to say that I and the vast majority of those I meet still use good old fashioned pen and paper.

That is not to say things are not improving, but as yet even the Galaxy Note series does not seem to outdo the simple paper based solution for quick note taking.

Much of this comes down to speed and ease of use; the electronic solutions just don’t have it yet.

Am I wrong though and are many people are using them in ways that I am not?

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  1. Ian says

    I usually have both my Note 8.0 tablet and paper and pen handy for meetings, though usually the former gets used for fact-checking and calendar work, with paper and pen for things I need to remember. No reason why really, doodling notes is just as easy on the Note, maybe there’s a doubt lurking in the back of my mind that pen on paper is more permanent and unlikely to be lost by a crash? My only other real use of paper is for marking up articles (possible but not as easy on a table) or drawing on and comparing graphs, which is a paper-only job.

  2. vinay says

    Scrapbook on the note 3 is great for scrapping off various docs and Web sites and directly into presentations. The hand writing calculators are much faster on the note 3 than paper or any other calculator. Action memo is useful too. On the note 1 it was a proof of concept and not much useful but on the note 3 the 3gb ram is useful. Hand writing recognition is great on the note 3 as it can decipher my scrawl when even I sometimes have difficulty reading my scrawl.