Samsung Galaxy Gear – Media Controller

Making sweet, sweet music with Galaxy Gear

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Part of our continuing series outlining the features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear

How we listen to music is changing rapidly. Some remain constantly connected and use streaming services, many have select tracks stored on their phones. There are those prefer a dedicated music device to store massive collections on the go and a select few that might still even keep physical media in their bags each day.

Being paired to a Galaxy smartphone, the Gear provides a brilliant way to keep in control of the media playback if you happen to be in that second category – storing your music on your phone’s memory or external memory card. Your smartphone is a convenient place to store music and keep the number of devices you carry to a minimum, it can be a hassle to quickly change tracks or switch artists though.

Where dedicated music devices are generally smaller and easier to navigate, the smartphone can be cumbersome and slow in comparison. With the Galaxy Gear’s Media Controller app, you are connected to the media player on your Galaxy handset. This lets you adjust volume, switch to the next / previous track  or navigate through the library to find what you like.

With the Media Controller you get some extra freedom; why not try pairing some Bluetooth headphones with your handset as well? Pop your phone into a bag or rucksack then use the headphones and Gear to completely control what you’re listening to wirelessly


  1. fanniyah says

    hi, do u kno y my gear’s media controller keep saying “connecting” and cant control music on my note3 ?, thx..

    • Josh Bethell says

      Hello Fanniyah, I haven’t seen this before. Do all of the other functions work correctly?
      I would recommend resetting the Gear through the manager installed on your phone to see if this fixes the issue before any further action

  2. AlbaGuBrath says

    also it does not allow you to browse through your music library it will play the song currently in cue on your phone and go forward a song or back one..however it will allow you to control the volume..but for full functionality it only works with the NOTE 3 updates said to be arriving in October for other models including the S4 and s3