• Google Nexus 5 SlimPort demonstration with HDTV

    By Jon , November 4, 2013 - Leave a comment

    Connect the Google Nexus 5 to a HD display.

    Many phones have the ability to connect to an HD display and the Google Nexus 5 is no exception.

    The only difference here is that to connect it, you need a SlimPort adapter rather than the more common MHL adapters that the likes of Samsung, Sony and HTC use.

    None the less it does the same job

    In the following video we show the Nexus 5 connected to a HD display using a SlimPort adapter. It connects to the microUSB port on the device and then you plug an HDMI cable into it. It is also advisable to connect a microUSB mains power supply to keep the device powered, although it is not essential.

    Check out the video to see it in action.
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    • Hi Alex, we’re looking into it. The issue is it’s quite a niche product and we don’t know how much of a market there is for us to sell them, especially when they’re available from some accessory sellers on Amazon for a decent price already

        • Unfortunately we don’t have any Slimport adapters at Clove because there was not enough demand to order them.
          The adapter used in this demonstration was purchased online for personal use from an audio/video specialist

  • I have to ask something. In the LG G2 demonstration video we saw that in video playback mode,the screen of the G2 turned off.This is cool because the screen doesn’t drain energy from the battery and is easiest for the hardware.Is there the ability (with an app maybe) so the nexus do the same thing?

    • Hello George, sorry I’m unaware of an app that would do this.
      To be honest I had not realised the screen turning off, I was always of the assumption that the screen remained on during casting – a reason for the optional charging port on the adapters to keep power flowing to the handset

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