Google Nexus 5 languages

What language options do you have on the Google Nexus 5?

The following is a video screenshots are taken from the Google Nexus 5 and show the language options available on the device.


System language:

Keyboard languages:

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  1. do you have the 32 GB version yet ?
    about LG G2 , how colme clove does not have 32 GB version ?

    • Josh Bethell says:

      Hi Ziyad, Google / LG have not made the 32 GB Nexus 5 available to retail yet, it is only on the Play Store for now.
      The same is true for the G2 – LG have simply not made the 32 GB available to us at this time

      • Hi Josh , thanks for your reply .

        i found LG G2 32GB being sold at long time ago . thats why i was wondering how come clove does not have the LG G2 – 32GB version .
        i hope you can have it in stock soon.

        • Josh Bethell says:

          Yes, Expansys have access to non UK stock from other European territories. We sell stock from UK distribution only

  2. Would like Punjabi language in my phone. What to do?

    • Josh Bethell says:

      Hello Karen, if you need more languages then installing a 3rd party app may help.
      I recommend MoreLocale 2 from past experience, although you may find something more suitable through your own research

      • I’m OK with English as my main..but would like to be able to read mother tongue too. Especially on whatsapp etc.
        Nexus 5 doesn’t have Punjabi choice in the languages!
        I tried installing multilingual keyboards n honso fonts..but the system of the phone doesn’t have a choice of Punjabi so its not reading.

        Any help?

        • Josh Bethell says:

          Did my suggestion of MoreLocale 2 not help? This used to be able to add languages and locations to the system storage, although this may now require root access for newer devices

  3. It doesn’t have Punjabi: (

  4. nexus 5 does not display Punjabi language. if someone send me message or update facebook status in Punjabi, it just shows blank. if someone have any clue plz update

    • Josh Bethell says:

      Hi Raj, I do not think that Punjabi is supported by Android as standard.
      You may have luck installing a new keyboard and plugin. A quick search online has found these: MultiLing Keyboard & MultiLing Punjabi Plugin.
      I also recommend searching for other solutions.
      Facebook messages that you receive are likely to be displayed using a font installed on the system. You cannot add new fonts to the Nexus 5 without first rooting the device

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