• Nexus 5 requires software update during setup

    By Josh , November 1, 2013 - Leave a comment

    Details on setting up the new Google Nexus 5

    The Nexus 5 has finally launched and is currently available from Clove in black, with white hopefully following very soon. We have just been informed via an internal document from LG, who are manufacturing the Nexus 5, that a software update will be required to run the device. This will be installed during the set-up procedure; you will not be able to complete the set-up and use the phone without this update.

    nexus 5 setup update 2

    nexus 5 setup update

    It would seem that Google finalised the hardware and initial manufacturing runs of the Nexus 5 some time ago in order to avoid the shortfall in stock that plagued the launch of the Nexus 4 last year. Due to this, the current first batches are not installed with the final Android 4.4 KitKat release. You will not be able to skip through the set-up process without having first connected to either a data / Wi-Fi connection and installed this update.

    Also be aware that the figure of 374.5MB for the total size is from a test screenshot for the creation of the document. The final download size will be smaller.

    [UPDATE] Clove UK stock has updated during set-up with a download size of 139.3 MB. The screenshot was lost during the reboot and installation of the update. The final amount for your device may vary depending on territory and the software already installed.


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