Nexus 5 internal memory

How much memory of the 16GB is available to you with the Google Nexus 5?

If you are buying or looking to buy the Google Nexus 5, the internal memory is potentially going to be of consideration for you.  Do you go for the 16GB or 32GB model, because some of the internal memory is taken up by the OS.

We have checked our stock of the 16GB model to find that out of the box of the 16GB installed, 12.55GB is actually available to the user, although a few apps and things that also come installed drop this to 12.28GB.  This means the OS takes up just over 3GB of the storage.

Here is a screenshot confirming this, taken from the Nexus 5.

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  1. Nice, only about 400Mb less than the Nexus 4. Have you tested to see whether USB OTG has finally made its way onto a Nexus yet, as this would go some way towards compensating for the lack of MicroUSB support?

    • Josh Bethell says:

      We will be testing this later Ian

    • Josh Bethell says:

      We’ve tried a few times and it looks like USB OTG hosting is not supported.
      This was the same on the Nexus 4 as well so it looks like a Google design decision

      • That’s a shame; hopefully it’s a software-only limitation (like the Nexus 7) rather than hardware-imposed (like the Nexus 4) and enterprising folk will find a way around it…

  2. Paul Mansfield says:

    it’s be interesting to know what the video out options are, can you use the same adaptor as the Nexus4?

    • Josh Bethell says:

      Yes absolutely, its the Slimport standard that is on the Nexus 4 and the LG G2.
      There’s also Wi-Fi direct Miracast as well

  3. Hi, I wonder if clove will stock the 32gb version as well. If yes, when can I have it shippedout?

    • Josh Bethell says:

      We’re looking into this Mark.
      For the time being LG/Google have only made the 16 GB available to retailers so the 32 is restricted to the Play Store

  4. Wray Smallwood says:

    Question: Does it take external memory also and how much does it support? (64GB HDXC?)