• What is Samsung Knox?

    By Chris Ward , October 22, 2013 - Leave a comment

    samsung knox
    Knox is a new security feature that is being offered with certain Samsung handsets. It helps you to securely separate your personal and professional data. Essentially, you can have the benefits of using a ‘work phone’ without the need to carry, and secure, a separate device.
    All in all we have found Knox to work nicely. It can be configured so that it’s easy to use and access, yet barely noticeable. It’s a nice security addition and free with new Samsung handsets such as the Galaxy Note 3Galaxy Note 4  and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition.
    Samsung has put together this short video about what Knox offers, but we explain its functionality in greater detail below. You can also view the official Knox user manual here.

    What is Samsung Knox?

    In layman’s terms, Samsung Knox is an app that creates a new ‘layer’ on your Samsung phone so that you can securely separate your personal and professional activities.

    This layer is essentially a second version of your phone that requires a password to be accessed and restricts the way in which the handset is used.

    When in Knox mode, there are only certain apps that you can use. If Knox is installed by an administrator at your place of work, they will be able to specify which apps you can use. By default, the apps included are Camera, Gallery, Downloads, Email, S Planner, My files, Phone, Contacts and Internet (Samsung browser only, not 3rd party). You do not have access to the Play Store, but there are an additional 75 ‘Samsung Knox’ apps that are available for download.

    Certain functions are disabled within Knox, such as capturing a screen shot. Device administrators can also specify which apps can be used as sharing intents from within Knox.

    Some of the apps that are available to download from the Samsung Knox Apps Store include:

    • Evernote
    • Dropbox
    • Box
    • Harmon.ie
    • iAnnotatePDF
    • OfficeSuite 7 Pro
    • OfficeSuite Viewer
    • qPDF Notes
    • QuickSpell
    • TouchDown
    • Podio
    • Jorte Calendar
    • GoFormz

    You can view the full list of apps here

    There are also special offers available for Box, Lookout, ShareFile, Dropbox and CloudOn. These give you a nice discount on the paid tariffs for some of these apps. You can view the deals here

    Using Knox

    You can switch between Knox mode and personal mode using shortcuts in the app tray and notification tray. A password timeout is set so that you do not need to re-enter it each time you switch from one mode to another. The password time out period can be changed by entering Knox mode, pressing the capacitive settings button, selecting Knox Settings and then selecting Password Timeout.

    You can, however, override the password timeout and lock Knox by pressing the padlock icon within the notification tray shortcut.

    When in Knox mode, there is a shortcut on the home screen named ‘Personal’ that will take you back to your normal device. There is also a shortcut to switch modes placed within the notification tray, which also contains within it a padlock button so that you can lock and unlock knox. Keeping Knox unlocked enables you to use the shortcuts to switch between the two different modes without having to enter your password.

    The switch between personal and Knox is almost seamless. There is a very short lag while the home screen is rendered, but this is negligible. This is using a Galaxy Note 3 mind you, which is very powerful, but for the time being Knox is only offered on Samsung’s high-end devices and it’s not clear as to whether or not it will be offered on those low-end devices that would potentially suffer from lag.

    Any data captured or entered when in Knox mode is not accessible from within your personal account and vice versa. For example, if you take a photo whilst in Knox, it cannot be accessed from your personal gallery.

    You can also place shortcuts to Knox apps on your personal home screens. For example, if you place a shortcut to Knox camera on your personal home screen, you can then take a quick photo, which is saved in only the Knox gallery, without having to make the switch to Knox mode. If you are only using Knox for one or two activities, this saves you from having to switch modes too often.

    Another nice touch is that if you have a work email account setup in Knox using Microsoft Exchange, the management policies that are applied to the account (e.g remote device wipe) only apply to the Knox container. This means that if for any reason your place of work feels the need to remotely delete your data, it will only be applied to the Knox container and will not delete files in your personal account.

    Even if you are not required for security reasons to use Knox, it could be worth using it anyway in order to keep your personal and work life/data separate.

    How to transfer existing files to Knox

    Normally, the easiest way to transfer a large file or a large group of files to a device is by connecting the handset to your computer and using a file manager. Due to its security restrictions, this option is not available when using Knox.

    If you do need to transfer some existing files to Knox, the easiest option is to download one of the cloud storage apps that are available for Knox, such as Dropbox, Box or even Evernote. Each of these apps have free tariffs, so if you don’t have an account already it won’t cost you money to get the files transferred.
    Simply upload your files to the service that you choose, download the Knox version of its app from the Knox app store, and then login and download the files that you need.

    How to install Samsung Knox

    Knox does not come pre-installed on your Samsung handset, but there is a shortcut within the app tray so that you can download it (for free) if you wish to use it.
    Once you have installed Knox, you will be asked to set a password. Make sure you don’t forget this as you will need it to access Knox or if you wish to uninstall it. You are also asked to set a backup PIN in case you do misplace the password.
    Once installed, To access Knox, click the shortcut within the app tray or in your notification bar.

    How to uninstall Knox

    If you don’t use Knox, you may wish to uninstall it. It’s worth noting that you do not need to uninstall Knox in order to remove the shortcut from the notification tray as there is an option to turn this off if you go into the Knox Settings.
    To uninstall Knox, press the menu button whilst on the Knox home screen, then choose Knox Settings. From here, select About Knox and there is then the option to uninstall. You are given the opportunity to back up your Knox data before proceeding with the uninstall. Should you make the backup, you are given the option to restore your Knox data if you reinstall the app at a later date.
    Once you have uninstalled Knox, the shortcut will still appear in the app tray so you can easily reinstall again later.

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    • Hi Amy,

      There are apps that would emulate some of its features, but nothing that will do the same job in terms of the level of security that it offers.

      For instance you can PIN protect access to an app, but it won’t then keep the data separate. Which features in particular are you looking for?

      • Hi Chris, I would like to print some pictures off my phone that were saved in knox mode, how can I do this? I tried to connect to pharmacy kiosk to get them but only my personal images downloaded not my knox images even though I was signed in. Can I get them on flash drive or anything else to print?

        • If you’re connecting on a kiosk it may be difficult, but you should be able to download them somehow. What sharing options are you presented with for the photos within Knox mode?

      • Rubbish, rubbish you say Chris. Did you bothered to tell people the truth about spiyng behind knox. Read sms-email, record audio, take pictures without your consent, send sms without permision to your costs, call numbers without your consent to your cost, delete acounts, set new passwords. …

        • Hi Aldo,

          Yes it does need these permissions in order to function. As with any app there is the possibility of data collection.

  • Knox is installed on my phone, puts bogus notifications in my notification bar, and is uninstallable.

    • Mike, as is detailed in the article, the notification shortcut can be removed and Knox can be uninstalled. Once uninstalled, there is a shortcut that remains in the app tray in case you do want to install it again.

      • I have not actually installed Knox on my phone but still getting bogus notifications. I called Samsung and representative basically said too bad. You are stuck with this.

        • Hi Erin,

          Which device is it running on? Have you tried installing Knox from the Samsung store and uninstalling it again?

    • Hi gwhit,

      I have not used Vault but having had a look at it on the Play Store, it looks as though Knox could replace it, yes.

    • Hi Chintan,

      When in Knox mode long pressing on an app should bring up the option to add the shortcut to the personal home screen.

  • I figured out how to disable it, basically go to knox and press the menu button to get knox settings then unchecked the option to switch between knox and phone via notification and this will remove the notification from both phones 🙂
    Spread the word, aaarodell

    • Yes this is correct. Within the same menu there is also the option to uninstall Knox for those that want to. You need to click on About Knox and then within the next menu there is the option to uninstall.

  • There are apps that can be used within Knox, but these are set by Samsung. There are additional apps that can be downloaded from the Samsung app store as well.

  • Thank you so much for explaining this so I could understand as I am not sure what all of the technical terms are!

      • Hi chris. My device is storing lots of data and the memory is getting low because of cache data how can I clear this unwanted data as in personal mode it says knox security policy restricts this action? ?

        • It may be that you are logged in to Knox mode while trying to clear the data. Make sure that you are not logged in to Knox and then try clearing

  • Is the users media present in the knox container encrypted?
    And is it possible to store knox media on sd card?
    How to transfer media into the knox container from pc or the device?

    • Hi Raj,

      Yes the media and files stored within the Knox container are encrypted. A backup of the Knox container can be saved on SD card, which will contain files and media, but not emails and app data. These files could not be accessed individually though and therefore you could not access them with a desktop file manager. To transfer media to the Knox container from a PC, you will need to use one of the apps that are available within Knox, you will not be able to use a desktop file manager.

    • No, it’s included with Samsung handsets free of charge and there’s no fee to use it. It currently comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 10.1 2014 edition

      • Also is available on Samsung s4 with most recent update 4.3 recently pushed =) galaxy gear support as well.

    • I think that because of the security measures that are in place, it may not be possible to transfer existing files to Knox using a desktop file manager – you will need to use one of the apps available within Knox. For example, you could email files to the email account that you use with Knox.

  • i`m trying to install knox but says that my phone it is not authorized to enter in knox mode,how i can be authorized ?

    • You will need to enter a password before being able to run Knox mode, although you should be prompted to do this when running Knox for the first time after installing.

  • Hello Chris, I currently using lookout security system and have been using it for three years. I bought the full version which has more added features such I misplaced or lost my phone, it would help me to track it with GPS & also if someone tryimg to unlock my phone it would secretly snap a photo shot of the person and email me. Will Knox be able to do that? Which one is better?

    • Hi Marsha,

      Knox and Lookout do offer slightly different functions. Lookout will have better features to help you track the device when lost, whereas Knox will help you to separate sensitive files more effectively and offers more robust security on a technical level. The higher level security only becomes important at enterprise level really; if your employer has security requirements for work data that is stored on your device, that is when Knox shows its true worth. There would be no problem with you running both Knox and Lookout should you wish to. Some other apps that you may like to check out for device tracking are Cerebrus and Android Lost, although Lookout should have you covered, especially as you have the premium version.

    • Like any app that runs in the background, it will consume battery, but it shouldn’t have a noticeably adverse affect.

  • Please how do I download knox on my S4? I have searched Google store and Samsung hub to no avail. Could it be my location, Nigeria?

  • Hello Chris
    Is it possible to transfer a memo from the SMemo in personal phone platform to the SMemo in the Knox platform?

    • Hi Elie,

      I am no longer using a Note 3 and can’t remember if this is possible. If you try sharing the S Note there may be an intent for Knox, otherwise I think you will need to save the S Note to a Samsung account and then download it again from within the Knox container.

  • Hi, i have samsung galaxy s4, and i don’t now how to activate this apps, because i don’t see the shortcut in my list, On play store i can not find. Where can i get the installer? Sorry for my english…I’m not from USA.

  • how to add other apps rather than samsung knox apps. on the container. for example suppose I have banking app. on my personal or normal screen and the same would like to move on knox container. Is it possible? then how?

    • No, it’s not possible unfortunately. In order to keep Knox secure, only those apps that are pre-installed and apps from the Samsung app store within Knox can be used.

  • Just updated note 2. I was wondering what knox was.
    Samsung knox well explained keep it up dude.

  • Knox is also available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Verizon. I’ve been using it for several months now and it works great. Glad to know I have extra security and separate spaces. I always keep that part of my phone locked, but I can see if I have email when I’m in the personal space. No noticeable drain on battery, just make sure your email isn’t syncing too often and you’ll be fine.

  • I am thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 and I would like to be able to disable the wireless, Bluetooth, camera, and microphone with a password so no one else can re-enable them once they are disabled. It looks like Knox will be able to do that but is that functionality included in the personal version just the licensed enterprise version?

    • Hi Adriane, it’s not something that I’m aware of being in the personal version, but cannot say for certain that it is not included.

  • Hi chris
    I have note 2 when I downloaded knox, and after i put password it says :your device is not authorized to enter knox mode. so what can i do

    • It depends what it is you wish to transfer. There are Knox apps for evernote, box and dropbox, so if you upload the files to one of these services and then download the Knox version of the app, you should be able to save the files to your Knox container.

      • Hi Chris.
        I uploaded some files to drop box in normal mode (as per your help instructions), then went into knox mode, however drop box is not available.
        Can you please explain???
        Is this because knox is listed as a device administrator???

  • Hello Chris
    I updated my Galaxy Note II to Android 4.3 and installed KNOX. I want to uninstall it. I followed your recommended steps. The response is: “KNOX security policy restricts this action”. Any suggestions?

  • Hi chris
    You said that in order to move files to knox we need an application like email.
    But I want to transfer a large file that is 130mb. I can’t do that by email.the file is stored on my pc and on my personal phone I am using a note 3 thanks in advance

    • Hi Alex, it looks like dropbox, evernote and box are all available as Knox apps. Upload the file to one of these services, download the knox version of the app and you should then be able to download it within Knox.

      • I can’t get Evernote to show up on Knox. I can’t seem to find an “Evernote for Knox” either. Without that, I am not able to send items to Knox. I won’t be operating my phone in Knox mode, so transferring must be simplified!

        • Hi Brandon, is it the Knox app store that you are searching for Evernote or the normal Play Store?

          • Hi Chris,
            I am still patiently awaiting your response (to my response)…
            Thank you for your time.

          • Hi Brandon,

            Sorry that I missed your response before. I have just had another look through the apps list on the Knox website, and it turns out the Evernote app is actually listed as ‘available soon’. I didn’t notice it before as you need to expand its content block in order to see the Coming Soon caveat. I’m surprised it isn’t available already given its prominence as an Android app. Hard to know how soon it will be available. I would say that your best bet if you want an approximate time frame would be to ask on the official Evernote forums, although I’m not sure whether or not you’ll get anything other than the ‘coming soon’ message.

  • hi
    even after uninstalling knox it remains in my ram consuming apps
    before the uninstall it use to consume around 120mb of ram and after uninstall out still consumes 70mb. How to completely remove it from my note 2

    • Hi Amber,

      It shouldn’t still be consuming memory after uninstalling it. Have you tried restarting the device since you uninstalled?

  • Hi Chris, I have the note 3 & I finally just installed Knox. Everything seems to be working fine but how come my contacts & call logs show up? I thought everything was supposed to be separate.

      • Sorry about that… My normal mode contacts and call logs are showing up in Knox. Is that supposed to happen?

        • I believe so. There are some aspects that it keeps separate, such as emails, but calls and logs from your personal settings are still accessible from Knox.

  • I downloaded knox to my Samsung s4 now I cant use it. like whats on the do? it only blinks knox.

  • Hi Chris, I have note 2 and just have upgraded to 4.3 and there is a new Knox icon, clicking on which it prompts to download the Knox app. Going through your article, I have two questions.
    1. Will Knox work on Note 2 (4.3).
    2. Will banking transactions be secure if done on the browser in Knox ?

    • Hello Shashi, if the icon has updated, this probably points to the Knox version being updated.
      If the app icon is there and directs you to download then I see no reason why it should not work.
      The Knox browser provides extra security when accessing sites on the Internet. You should however remain vigilant and practice good browsing behaviour regardless, ensuring the validity of the sites you visit and only connecting to trusted networks to get online.

  • Hia Chris, i downloaded knox as my menu buttoon and both buttons either side doesnt work and i read somewere that knox has those features at the bottom . It doesnt so have read all the forums and see you need to open up knox then press the menu button to get the option to unistall. i can not do that so cannot unistall the programme any advice , i would really appreciate it. thanks

    • Hi Nikky,

      You need to be on the Knox home screen when you press the menu button. Is that where you are pressing it to try to bring the menu up?

  • Hi Chris,

    I just got a Note 3 a few days ago; successfully installed Knox and it is working perfectly. I live in Uganda and my carrier (Orange Uganda) is supporting it well. Thank for the tips detailed explanation about Knox.

    • Hi Dennis,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. Glad to hear you’ve got it working and that it’s supported by Orange.

  • Hi Chris,

    I know you can use apps from the personal screen that are Knox ones but what about the other way around? I have Office Pro already on my “personal” device and it is one you can buy on the Knox store but I don’t want to have to buy the same software twice.

    Do you know a way around this?



    • Hmm, that is a good point. Not sure how you would get around other than getting in touch with the developers, explaining the situation and seeing if they will give you another license key to use.

  • After te update, open the knox app, after that be sure that you install the app (it will ask you to do this). Install the app and after few minutes unistall from the knox settinge. Not bothering me anymore…

  • Hi Crhis,

    I would like to keep my personal call logs separate from my Knox call logs, but for some reason, my Knox call logs always appear in my personal section. I’ve “Show KNOX contacts” unticked and they don’t show in the contact list, however the call logs are still visible in the personal section.
    Do you know a way around this?


    • Hi Pera,

      I don’t know the way around this unfortunately. If you go into the dialler app in Knox mode, there may be a setting for it there, but I’m not certain and do not have a Knox device available to check on at the moment so I can’t say for certain.

  • Hi Chris does it mean Knox work like a secret folder where you can store files, contacts, videos, text messages?

  • hi Chris, i cannot find Box or Dropbox for Knox app in Samsung Knox Store, i think the only way to download it by going to their website https://www.samsungknox.com/en/apps and register, but it requires Samsung Business License Key which is not free, so basically u cannot transfer or import any file to your Knox system for free

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for your comment. Another way to transfer files is to email them to yourself, but that could get a bit long winded if you have a large amount/large file sizes.

  • When surfing on the net on knox, my history of activities can be seen on my personal phone. How’s that secure?

    • Hi Kmac, I wasn’t aware of this and will take a look into it.
      As for not leaving a browsing history, have you tried incognito mode on Chrome? Open Chrome and then from the menu options on the top-right, choose ‘open new incognito tab’.
      Anything viewed n incognito mode will not be stored in your browsing history. Chrome isn’t compatible with Knox however, so you will only be able to do this from the ‘personal’ side of your phone

  • I installed Knoxville, then uninstalled it, and it is still somewhere, it is using 109mb of memory! I uninstalled it they way it said to, it was removed as an administrator before uninstalled. I have wipes the cache from the recovery menu. This is killing my phone! Help…

  • Hi Chris

    Knox is unable to be installed on my SS Note3, It always said “it is not authorised to eccess Knox mode” after I put in password and bin code as required. Can you do me a favor to fix this problem? my Note3 is a brand new one without root, cook…. Thanks

    • Hi Bean,

      I’m not sure why it is displaying this message. You may need to go into settings > security > device administrators and check that the box next to Samsung Knox has been ticked.

      • Thanks Chris for your help. the box next to SS Knox was checked and the exact notification is “your phone is unauthorised to go to knox mode” after put in password and pin code. Haizzz I try in my friend’s Note3, it is installed without this problem.

        • I’m not sure why it’s giving you that message, Bean. Is the handset a factory unlocked Note 3?

          • No Chris, it was bought at the authorized distributor and full guaranty. I tried to contact for guaranty, however they are still on the way to check the issue.

          • OK Bean. Sorry that I can’t be of more assistance but hopefully the distributor can get the problem resolved for you.

  • Hi….i cannot see the drop box app under knox partitio but when i go to knox app installer it shows status as installed. (I have installed drop box under non knox partition previouly)

    Pl suggest how can i get get to see and use drop box app under knox partition


    • Hi,

      You need to download apps from the Samsung knox store for them to show in the Knox container. There is a link to the Knox app store from the Knox container. Some apps, although they have been advertised, are not yet available. Having had another look at the apps list, it looks as though you may need to sign up for Dropbox for business. There is however a 90 day free trial available.

  • Knox will not let me sign in, It will show the hint after I enter the pin. But I still can’t get in

    • Not sure why that is. The PIN that you set for Knox can be different to your lock screen PIN. Is it possible that you are getting the two confused?

  • I don’t get how knox works. When ever I off my screen it just goes back to my personal home. How am I supposed to protect my stuff when the mode just swaps my phone back to my screen after I off it?

    • Hi,

      There’s an icon within the drop down notification menu so that you can lock and unlock knox mode. If you do not lock it yourself, it will do so after a set period, which can be configured within the Knox settings menu.

      • But when I press that lock button the knox just closes and brings me back to the home screen, displaying the words “knox locked” appears. I just can’t seem to stay on the knox page. Any idea why?

  • Hello Chris…I live in Jamaica n my cousin brought a Galaxy Note3 from UK for me. I had to get it unlocked (region)n in the process the tech reset the phone to factory setting…..now it is asking for an email address and password which I believe belongs to the previous owner…..my cousin got the phone from some guy at a cheap rate n she unable to provide me with the email information. is there any way around this?

    • Hi Rusheen,

      I’m not sure why it would be asking for that. If you can’t remove it using a factory reset, i.e. completely erasing the device, then it would likely need to go back to a Samsung repair centre to be fixed.

  • Good grief this program is annoying. I disabled it and it still runs. I go to try to uninstall it from the settings and it says I must download the TWO HUNDRED MEGABYTE program and install it in order to use the settings.

    WTF ever happened to ‘opt-in’?

    I’m an IT system administrator and I find this program stupid and useless for the vast majority of our workers. Seriously, if you think you can get all your business done from your phone without your PC, then NEWSFLASH – you don’t do any ACTUAL WORK! We lose enough damned productivity to people playing facebook BS on their phones.

    As for me, I have no use for this program and I find their program policies offensive. I’d like to meet these developers who built bloatware and put a brick into their phone and see how they like it.

    I administrate and consult for four global companies and two local companies. I haven’t met a system administrator yet who can look me in the eye and tell me straight that his company finds that smartphone use is more productive than PC use in the office.

    Oh and yes, we use Google Apps in our office too.

    • Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for your comment. It is interesting to hear the perspective of an system admin. It is the first attempt to create such an app on Android, but by the sounds of it Samsung has a lot of work to do to win over users such as yourself!

  • Hi..chris.. i am using note 3… i wnt 2 move the photos and videos from home gallary 2 knox gallary.. how it’s possible..?

    • Hi Mayur,

      If you have a look through the other comments on this post there are some suggestions.

  • i went to odin mode on my gn3 and it states that :

    reactivation lock: off
    knox kernel: 0x0
    knox: 0x0

    i tried to activate knox to limit my friend ‘business’ with my phone, but when i installed and had input the password, message appeared as ‘not authorized to knox mode’. pls help.

    • Hi Karthikeyan,

      The only third-party apps that can be added are those in the Samsung Knox store, which is linked to in the article. This measure is in place for security reasons.

  • Hi Chris, Thanks for this article, it certainly is well written. I tried to read all the comments that others have put through to get an answer to my issue but I couldn’t find anything helpful.

    I’m hoping you can help out with this.

    I have an S4, I used the Knox app icon shortcut to install it, went through all the steps properly and everything worked great, used the Knox app on and off for a while without issues. Then after a while of not using it, I just couldn’t get into Knox anymore, I think it was my password, for the life of me I couldn’t remember it, nor could I remember the back-up 4digit pin. I did as much research online to try and find a way around it (e.g: get an email sent to you to reset the pass) but it didn’t help.

    So I exhausted all the attempts (20 attempts) to enter the correct password and then as I read online, Knox uninstalled itself (the container) and everything in it was deleted. I was fine with it as I didn’t have anything of any value in it, so I thought I would get it to uninstall itself and I will re-install it, but no matter what I did or where I searched, I cannot find the icon to re-install it… (as you mentioned in the last few lines in your article there should be such an icon)

    So my question (excuse my fairy tail story above) where can I find that icon, or what else can I do, to re-install Knox? I would really appreciate it if you could let me know on this.

    Also, another question if you don’t mind, I read online that Knox is something I have to pay for after 3months or something? is that true? could that be the reason I couldn’t get back in? As I don’t remember anything of this from when I went through the main installation of this app or anything after it..

    It would be absolutely great if you could get back to me on these 2 points, or at least point me to the correct direction.

    Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry to ask the obvious but is it in the app tray that you are checking for the Knox icon; it should remain here permanently, so if it has been removed from the app tray then something has definitely gone awry. If that is the case, then the only way I can imagine it could be restored (without going through Samsung customer service/repair centre) would be to perform a factory reset on the device.

      As far as I know you do not need to pay (as a consumer) for Samsung Knox. However, it is possible that you may need to pay at some stage if you are using the Enterprise solution, although you would have had to have signed up for the Enterprise package, it would not come preinstalled. I am also aware that some of the apps (such as Dropbox Business, if I recall correctly) have a 3 month free trial, so perhaps it is this that you have heard about.

  • Hi Chris, I couldn’t find a messaging app for Knox. The contact book is fine as it can store confidential contacts but when I sent a sms message to the Knox contact it will also appear on the normal mode. Is there a Knox messaging apps that shall only work under Knox mode?

    • Hi Daz,

      I’m no longer using Knox myself but going by memory I think it does not separate messaging between the two.

  • I basically want to use Knox to hide stuff from my girlfriend. Seems to me that without turning off notifications bar she could actually glance at my phone and pick up tidbits of info while phone in personal mode even though call or text was in response to me while i was using Knox mode

    • Hi Mack,

      Knox probably isn’t the optimum app for this kind of activity, but there are other apps out there that will be able to hide content.

  • Hi Chris,

    I am using Note 3… I cant move my photos and videos from Home Gallery 2 Knox gallery, whereas my colleague who’s using Note 3, same as mine can move photos & videos to Knox gallery, easily by clicking on the photos at Home Gallery and Share Via Knox. Appreciate your kind feedback .

    • Hi Nash,

      Not sure what would be causing this. Do you definitely have Knox mode running and activated when trying to use the sharing intent?

  • I just bought a new Note3, and somehow the knox icon on the app tray disappeared (i might have deleted it by confusing it with one of the games)
    Is there a way to get it back or downlad it?

    • Hello Anibal, the Knox app should remain in the app tray at all times as it is a Samsung installed System App.
      If you find the full app list in your settings menu, is Knox still there?
      If you cannot find it then you may have to complete a full system restore to retrieve it (backing up any personal data first).
      Samsung Support may also be able to help, although the restore may be one of the first things they suggest.
      Out of interest have you recently had a system update for the Note 3?

  • KNOX appears to be a piece of crap! Causing “Security Information” errors. Spoke with Samsung on Chat and their solution was to send in my phone for analysis. What a load of crap to cover their defective software. TO SAMSUNG: FIX IT.

  • Hi Chris

    I’ve Just download Knox on My Galaxy note 2, didn’t install it, i’m trying to remove it but when i press on app. he asked for password …. i don’t inter any password before so i can’t open it to remove the app. from my galaxy, so what i shall to do ?

    • Hi Tarek,

      Go into device administrators and check that Knox has not already been assigned as an administrator. There are instructions further up in the comment thread as to how you can locate device administrators. If you are still unable to uninstall the app you may need to perform a factory reset in order to remove it. However, it won’t be using up much in terms of resources if it is inactive so you would be ok to just leave it installed and not use it.

  • Hi Chris Ward

    I rooted my phone but knox it works no more,so if I do a software to my phone then knox will work again.(I have galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition 3G) please reply to me

    • Hello, if you root the phone then Knox is unlikely to work as it is a Samsung app and requires a verified Samsung ROM.
      For Knox to work you would need to revert back to a standard install

  • Hi chris
    I have note 3 and i can send photos or videos from pesonal gallery to knox by selecting them and press menu and choose last choise ” send to knox” but in note 2 when i update it and have knox on it it dont do that why??
    is there a proplem or choise i most check
    Can u help me with something except cloud services or email myself

    • Hello Mamoun, I’m not sure if Chris has had experience with the most recent Knox app as this post is now several months old.
      When you have entered Knox, is there the option to open the camera app from within?
      I am making a guess but if you can no longer transfer to Knox, perhaps you have to take the pictures when inside Knox for added security?

      • Hi josh
        In note3 i can enter knox camera also in note 2
        Knox came with note 3 but note2 knox after updated to 4.3
        in note 3 i can transfare pics from normal gallery to knox gallery like pics i downloaded from web or BBM or whatsapp when i select them i have option that said ” move to knox”
        But in note2 i dont have this option and they are both same version 1.0

        • OK Mamoun, if the two Knox apps are showing the same version number, the only thing I can think of is that Samsung may tailor Knox to each specific device.
          SO the version on the Note 2 is not the same as the version on the Note 3. This may be the case because the firmware (ROM) that runs on each device is slightly different.
          In this case all I can suggest is contacting Samsung Support.

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